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World War II
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World War 2


September 1, 1939 – September 2, 1945




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Allied Forces
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  • Nationalist China
  • Communist China
  • Commonwealth nations
  • Poland
  • Yugoslavia
  • Greece
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  • Netherlands

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  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Finland

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World War II (abbreviated WWII, also called the Second World War) was the conflict in which R.U.S.E. is set in. World War II was the largest war in the Human history and in its process, 60 million people were killed.

This war was also known as the "War of Ideology" because of the three sides participating in the war, the Allied Nations (the democratic and capitalist nations), the Axis Powers (the fascist and National Socialist nations), and the Comintern (Communist International). Although there are three sides participated in the war, the Allies and the Comintern were allied in this war despite their ideological differences. Eventually, after the war, the Communists began to take over Eastern Europe, while the Allies began to secure the west, thus causing the Cold War.

In R.U.S.E, only the seven Major Powers of the world are listed, but in the actual world, some other minor and regional powers have participated in this war.

Road to Another War (1919-1938)Edit

In 1919,French Field Marshal Ferdinand Foch said,"This is not peace; this is an armistice for twenty years," and by the year 1936, Foch's remarks was already looking at his perspective. Between the Interwar period (between World War I and World War II) the world was in a great depression and every countries in the world suffers an economic imbalance. Germany, now with their new state of Weimar Republic, suffered this depression and the people were enormously disappointed by their government.In this perilous time, some people created what they called Fascist parties and these ideological people were formed because of the disappointment the people of the world have suffered. For example Mussolini's Il'fascio, and Hitler's NSDAP.

After the October Revolution, Russia herself was also ruled by another socialist party and after the death of Lenin, Stalin took power and purge every general and people who are connected to the heritage of the Russian Empire, and formed a great country that Lenin dream about. From  22 to 29 October 1922, Mussolini performed what was popularly called "March on Rome" and took the seat of leader of the government,who the people of Italy called Mussolini- "Il Duce" or the Leader to rule Italy in the style of Totalitarian-Fascist State. Then in the year 1933 the Nazi Party after their failed Munich Putsch and the imprisonment of Adolf Hitler, they finally ruled the country almost the same manner as Benitto Mussolini. Although in 1933, Weimar president Paul von Hindenburg gave Hitler the seat of the Government, Hitler didn't thought it was enough. A year after that, Paul von Hindenburg died and that was Hitler's golden chance to fuse the Seat of President and the Seat of the Chancellor and naming his title Führer.Along these years,Mussolini and Hitler keep their diplomatic relations with Hungary and also Japan to form what the Hungarians called the Axis.

The Gathering Storm (1938-1939)Edit

Then between this years calles The Gathering Storm by British Prime Minister Churchill, were a series of Axis diplomatic movements that's about to spark a war.In the Far East in 1937, The Japanese have invaded China through her puppet, Manchuria or Manchukuo.After their invasion, the US declared an oil embargo to the Japanese and also the Japanese responsed by leaving the League of Nations.Then in Africa, Mussolini also declared war to Abyssinian (now called Ethiophia). Therefore annexing the only uncolonize country in Africa. Mussolini even used gas weapons in this campaign. Even more event occured like the Remilitarizing the Rheinland and creating the Wehrmacht in Germany, also like the Japanese, they left the League of Nations.But the most famous events are the Anchluss of Austria and the annexation of Sudetenland,then Czech and puppeting Slovakia.Chamberlain notes that Hitler promised to stop his expansion in Europe after this great sacrifice by the British, but as all people know, "The Führer's gurantees gurantee nothing".By then the Germans had already researching the Schwerpunkt and Blitzkrieg tactics.Some other important events happened, like the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (signed in August 23, 1939) that were made between two ideological nemesis-Germany and the USSR.

Blitzkrieg through Western Europe(1939-1940)Edit

On 1st September 1939, the German cruiser Schleswig-Holstein fired the first shot of World War II by firing the Polish port of Danzig which the Germans had claimed in this year.Then on the Western borders of Poland the German Army crossed the borders and breaking through each provinces of Poland with the trace of burning lands. This new tactics by the Germans and the element of surprise, the German Army succesfully launch their invasion quite fast. The Heeresgruppe Nord and Süd easily defeated the Polish Army from Pommerania and Silesia with a massive pincer attack, and pocketing large areas west of Lodz. From Königsberg and Silesia a massive pincer attack also in progress to pocket the areas west of Warsaw. Combination of Panzers (Panzer I, II ,III, and some Panzer IVs) and infantry men with new war machines including the new and modern Luftwaffe, nothing can stop this Blitz. Then in 17th of September 1939, the fruit of the secret protocols of Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact - The Soviet Union launches another invasion of Poland through the Eastern Border. With the British and France's diplomatic swear to protect Poland, their reaction were little-with only declaring war and evacuating some Polish(including Jews) from the German War Machine. In three weeks, Poland was annexed by Germany and the USSR, Western Poland into a part of the Reich and Eastern Poland for the USSR.

Then arround late 1939 to mid 1940, a series of little conflicts called the Phoney War or Sitzkrieg, occured. This times were the safest times in the war with only several conflicts by each nation.

But then another Blitzkrieg happened. Operation Wesserübung or Wesser Exercise was launched on 9 April 1940, thus ending the Phoney war.This operation was the first amphibious operation by the Germans and the Kriegsmarine took heavy casualties and lost in this operation. The Danes surrendered to the Germans in two hours. Then Germany invaded Norway through some important landing points near the port cities where ores are shipped to another country. Though the Allies fought hard, the Germans finally won the battle on 10 June 1941.

Then the last known Blitzkrieg happened on 10 May 1940, called Fall Gelb and Fall Rot (Case Yellow and Case Red). Fall Gelb used the plan of field marshal Erich von Manstein, with Heeresgruppe A invade Fortress Holland and Heeresgruppe B invade through the Meuse(Maas),Belgium then the Ardennes with armoured spearhead and among them were Rommel and Guderian.Meanwhile Heeresgruppe C will distract as many French divisions as possible in the Maginot Line. This operation was a succes and later pocketing the British Expeditionary Force in Dunkirk (Dunkirk Evacuation). Then Fall Rot began with the outflanking of the Maginot Line and capturing Paris. The French government requested an armistice and formed the Fascist state of Vichy France as a puppet of Germany. de Gaulle then with the British created the Free French Legion.

The Battle of Britain then began as PM Churchill said. Germany's Luftwaffe pitted with the British RAF, and of course Germany got the numbers and on the early stage of it they were winning. At first their tactics were to bomb the airfields, but after the misbombing of London and the British counter-bombing Berlin, the orders changed to bomb British important cities to create a psychological warfare which didn't worked. Because of the changing of tactics, the British had time to refresh and resupply their RAF and ultimately harassed the Germans, therefore with the large losses in the Luftwaffe-ending the Blitz or Adlerangsgriffe on Britain and Hitler cancelled Operation Sealion or Seelowe.

--- In R.U.S.E : ---Edit

Colonel Leduc probaby escaped with de Gaulle's army to Africa and therefore helped de Gaulle's vision of liberating France from the Vichy and Nazi regime.

David vs Goliath-Finnish Winter War (1939)Edit

The Soviet invaded Finland on 30 November 1939 after their failed diplomatic act to gain Karelia,Salla and Rybachy peninsula, and importantly Hanko to their hands.This was one of the forgotten wars in World War II, and Carl Gustav Mannerheim,the Finnish Field Marshal was credited for his great defense of Finland from one such mighty opponent. But the Soviets finally captured what they want and this war will be continued in The Continuation War which was a part of Operation Barbarossa.

Fall Marita (1940-1941)Edit

Fall Marita began with the Invasion of Yugoslavia which was an easy victory for the Italians, Germans, Bulgarians and Hungarians. A German general once said,"It was very easy, it looked like a military parade to conquer Yugoslavia and their army were running everytime we reach their positions".

Then the Invasion of Greece began after the First Italian offensive and the Greek counter-offensive. After some Italians naval operations in the Mediterraneans, the British quickly began to station their troops arround them, and after the German declared war to Greece, the British entered on the side of the Greek. At first he Germans invaded the Greek mainland easily, taking their defensive lines with Gebirgs divisions. Then the first largest airborne in history happened. With 4 Fallschirmjäger Divisions and 2 Gebirgsjäger Divisions led by the famous airborne General Kurt Student (who commanded the first airborne operation history by capturing Rotterdam) to take the island of Crete guarded by New Zealanders. This operation took heavy losses in the Germans and the New Zealanders but Hitler finally secured an island near the Suez to provide supplies for the Afrika Korps.

Awakening the Bear (1941)Edit

On the eve of june 21 1941, the largest invading army ever assembled, was on the Western Border of the Soviet Union.The German High Command of the Army (Oberkommando des Heeres), splitted their 3.2 million soldiers into three army groups. Army Group North (Heeresgruppe Nord) was to invade Soviet Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia then finally Leningrad. Army Group Center (Heeresgruppe Mitte) was to invade Smolensk and through to Moscow,meanwhile Army Group South (Heeresgruppe Süd) was to invade Soviet Ukraine. At first this operation created by the Führer himself was satisfying for the Germans and after each pincer attacks, the Soviet always got captured and suprised by the Germans.The Germans almost always captured hundred thousands of Soviet soldiers, "but the Soviet soldiers were different from they who we fought in Poland or France, once pocketed they always fight viciously",said a German soldier. But then the Germans were stuck on three points after the Fuhrer's order to Guderian to relieve Army Group South in Kiev and losing the oppurtunity to invade Moscow.Thus, Army Group North was stuck in Leningrad with the Finnish on Karelia, Army Group Center in Moscow and Army Group South in Rostov na Don. The Soviets also pocketed in Sevastopol and Leningrad, but the Siberian Army was moving to relieve the Soviet Army after their intelligence found out that the Japanese were not going to invade the USSR (after Khalkin Ghol, the Soviets moved their amry to Siberia) and winter was near with the OKH didn't send the German enough winter clothes and mud clearing tools.

The African Front-Desert Fox vs the Desert Rats (1941-1943)Edit

The African Front began with the Italian invasion of Egypt Their actual goal was to capture the strategic Suez Canal, but it was changed when they met the actual resistance and their inability to breakthrough the British line of the defense in Mesa Matruh. Then Mussolini changed the target to defense the captured Egyptian land and the  result of this invasion was inconclusive to both sides. Then the British started a counter-offensive from the Italian conquered lands and send them all back to Cyreneica. From this moment the British held the upper hand, so Mussolini asked Hitler for help, and Hitler responded by forming on his own personal order an expeditionary force to Africa to help Mussolini.

Rommel began to rose in this expeditionary force, notably started when he led a small scouting force that turned into a liberating army that liberated the whole Cyrenica and even pushed the British back to the border. From then on, the African High Command approved his offensives towards Egypt. From this moment forward the African front is a bit up and down situation, but this stalemate breaks after the Second Battle of El-Alamein and Operation Torch. After some Allied pushes toward Libya, Algeria, and Tunisia, the Axis retreats to mainland Europe and the Afrika Korps surrendered in Tunis.

--- In R.U.S.E : ---Edit

During Operation Torch, Sheridan and Wetherby were first seen commanding an army, the US army at the Tunisian Campaign.

Leduc possibly had been assigned in Africa after the Fall of France.

This is also the first time Sheridan and Campbell met von Richter.

War in the Atlantic (1939-1943) Edit

The war in the Atlantic was a series of battles involving the Axis navy (German and Italian) and the Allied navy (USA,UK and their allies). These battles are well known for the effectiveness of the U-Boat Wolfpack tactics and the massive losses on Allied shipping lines.

Earlier on the first stage of the war, the German U-boats are on the upper hand but after the Allied discovered the weakness of their tactics and improved their research on RADAR, the Allied began to able to counter them and even sealed the fate of the German U-boat campaign.

Tora! Tora! Tora! (7th Dec 1941) Edit

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Japanese Expansion along the Pacific (1937 -1942)Edit

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The Tide Turns-Stalingrad and Midway (1942-1943) Edit

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Invasion of Italy (1943-1945) Edit

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The Fall of the Axis-Overlord-Bagration-Leyte(1944-1945)Edit

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