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The main asset of the Macchi MC 205 Veltro compared to the Saetta is the improved ability to dogfight, with speed and dual machine guns. A squadron of these can tear any unescorted bomber apart, and return without any damages.


The Macchi MC 205 was an upgraded MC 202. The MC 205 had radiators on the sides of the engine housing, whereas the MC 202 had a radiator underneath. The engine of the MC 205 was the Fiat RA 1050 RC58 Tifone "Typhoon" engine ,which was a license built Daimler-Benz 605A-1. The Macchi MC 205 was also the first to have 20 mm cannons in the wings.

The MC 205 prototype was converted from a MC 202 and first flew on April 19, 1942. The prototype was much better than the MC 202 and was ordered into production. The MC 05N Orione prototype first flew on November 1, 1942. The second flew in May 1943. Orders of 1,200 were placed but due to Italy's position in 1943 none were produced.

It wasn't until mid 1943 that the MC 205 was first in service due to engine supplies and industrial problems. 66 were in use by the time of Italy's surrender in September 1943.

In July 1943, the MC 205s were first used over Sicily and southern Italy. Approximately 25 served with a Luftwaffe Gruppe in 1943-1944. The Republican Socialist Italian Air Force used about 140 MC 205s on the side of the Germans. The Allies used 34 of the MC 205s after the armistice, primarily in Yugoslavia.

The MC 205s were used until 1947 as fighter-bombers and then as trainers until 1951 by the Italian Air Force. Egypt was supplied 42 refurbished MC 205s in 1948-1949. These were used against the Israelis.

Pros & Cons

!OBS! For some reason the plane has the icon of Fighter bombers not Fighters.

+Fast and powerful.

-Expensive and requires development.

-It's outmatched by the Spitfire and other advanced fighters.




  • The P-51 Mustang is exactly the same in stats, with both costing $25. Except that this is faster which makes it better.
  • With this unit you will actually stand a chance in the air. It might be $5 more than the Spitfire, but most of your other units are cheaper. So, as long as you aren't air oriented, like United Kingdom, and fight on the ground as well, you wont get overrun in the air.

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