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Good Lord! Do you see what that thing can do?
- Andrew Campbell, witnessing the destruction of a nuclear V-2

The V-2 (Vergeltungswaffe-2) rocket is a German experimental short-range ballistic missile. The V-2 was built to specifically target at London and later Antwerp.

During the Soviet-Allied War, the 8th Guards Army and Kate Garner managed to seize several nuclear V-2 rockets. By the time they arm the rockets, the French, British, Americans, and the German Transition Army arrive in force to assault the renegade 8th Guards Army's base.

They launch V-2s against a French and British base while deploying all of their remaining forces to stall the advance. Before they can prepare a V-2 for the killing blow though, a Nuclear Long Tom arrives to help finish off the 8th Army.

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