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Utah Beach is based on the Normandy Landings and Point du hoc landings on June 6th, 1944.


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Utah Beach

Utah Beach- June 6th 1944. The Allies finally start their invasion of Western Europe. Your mission is to establish the beachhead and push inland. You will start with control of only GIs attempting to destroy German Machine-gun bunkers. Most of the troops are mowed down by the machine guns, however some survive and make it into the swamps. But don't worry, reinforcements are inbound! Your first objective is to destroy the 2 German Flak 88s harassing your Allies. After Achieving this, your next objective is to meet up with the Airborne Forces that had been dropped North of your position. These Airborne Forces are made up of the 82nd and 101st Airborne. When you reach the Airborne, your objective is to defend against a German Counterattack

Mission Overview

Primary Objectives

  • Destroy the 88mm Battery: +150 Points
  • Destroy the 88mm Battery: +150 Points
  • Defend your HQ: +500 Points
  • Destroy the Brecourt Battery: +250 Points
  • Set up defenses: +50 Points
  • Defend your HQ: +500 Points

Secondary Objectives

  • Relieve the 82nd Airborne Division: +150 Points
  • Relieve the 101st Airborne Division: +150 Points

Strategies and Tactics

  • In the Swamps when attempting to push inland, watch for surprise attacks.
  • When attempting to destroy the MG Bunkers, use the swamps, don't go for a frontal charge in the open.
  • When told to secure the bridges, do not attempt to engage enemy units across the bridge. Your units are not able to fire over the river as it's considered an out of bounds zone for you, so moving too close means enemy units can fire at you with impunity. Hang back near the towns instead and keep watch to make sure none of your units move too close.
  • The enemy will attempt to attack you with artillery 3 times from the side not covered by a river, once along the beach, once coming along the river's coast, and finally down the middle. While the game recommends using the Greyhounds, the artillery is usually covered by a couple of tanks, so bring Shermans or Wolverines to assist.

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