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Everything from history to current events to new ideas for a R.U.S.E. sequel can be discussed here.

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  • All policies and guidelines are applied here.
Ideas for a R.U.S.E. sequel - Suggest one here
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  • Bigger maps
  • Modding abilities
  • Naval units.
  • Campaigns set in the Pacific.
  • Campaigns set in the Eastern Front.
  • Protagonist is a German or soviet officer.
  • More variety of units
  • Branching story
  • Nation specific units like Tetrarch for the UK
World War 2 topics - Suggest one here
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  • Theoretical Invasion of Britain continuation.
  • What if Germany had won the war in the European Theatre?
  • What if Italy had overthrown Mussolini in 1933 and they never joined the Axis?
  • What if the United States never nuked Japan?
  • What if Japan had won the pacific theater? after or before Germany surrendered?
  • What if the Soviet Union joined the axis and Hitler was not anti-Communist?
Cold War topics - Suggest one here
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  • Border conflict between the western Allies and the Soviet Union during the late 1940s.
  • The Soviet Union invades Europe and the US and wins instead of losing
  • New American president goes insane and nukes the soviet union and China.
  • The Soviet Union never reaches Berlin and is all but left out of the peace deal between the Axis and the Allies.
Modern Era topics - Suggest one here
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  • Third Sino-Japanese War.
  • United States is expelled from the UN due to the Iraq war.
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