As you know, R.U.S.E. will be among the first games to support the new Move controller on the PS3. A few gaming sites have been experimenting the demo with motion controls, here are some of their impressions:

[1] “Real-time strategy games have always suffered on consoles, and even though Move support was added to this game late in the development process, it's a great way to play. After an hour of learning the controls and mechanics, I leaned back in my recliner, re-calibrated with the new position, and played for a very long evening, scowling as I thought my way through tactical decisions. Every now and then there was a slight twitch as units didn't go exactly where I would like them to go, but overall it felt wonderful; the controller disappears in your hand instead of being an impediment to play.”

[2] “R.U.S.E. is Ubisoft's upcoming World War II-based real-time strategy game, and one of the few games we had that was designed to use the Navigation Controller -- in this case, for screen movement and unit selection. The Move controller can also pan / tilt the screen and issue commands based on where you're pointing. The system is very intuitive and even has some crafty options for cycling through highlighted units based on their type. However, it doesn't quite best a keyboard-and-mouse combination for controlling larger groups of units -- blame it on the joystick, mostly. Despite that, it's still one of the better strategy games we've played on a console.”

Article from Official Ruse website