Finally, changing the poll after a long hiatus. Here are the results for our question "What year and quarter do you expect the next (possible) RUSE will be released in?"

Q1 2014- 6

Q2 2014- 43

Q3 2014- 2

Q4 2014- 0

Q1 2015- 3

Q2 2015- 2

Q3 2015- 0

Q4 2015- 0

Q1 2016- 0

Q2 2016- 0

Q3 2016- 0

Q4 2016- 0

Q1 2017+- 1

Not Sure- 4

Doubtful for a sequel- 70

Unfortunately, the doubters have won in this, but then again, the sequel, or rather "spiritual sequel" has possibly been already released. Wargame: European Escalation is a sort of spiritual sequel set in four possible World War III scenarios during the cold war. Lets just wait and hope for a RUSE II, however. Lets pick up some editing and fixing of pages, and show Eugen that we still want a sequel!

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