The Manhattan Project Pack
Ruse nuke
In-game screenshot
Developer(s) Eugen Systems
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Release date(s) December 21, 2010
Genre(s) Real-time strategy
Media/distribution XBL, PSN, Steam download

The Manhattan Project Pack was released on December 21, 2010 on Xbox Live. The PlayStation Network and Steam versions were released a few days later due to issues.

The Manhattan Project DLC Pack offers three new multiplayer maps along with two additional multiplayer modes.

This DLC is for free if the player go to the in game store and download it.

The new multiplayer maps are:

The two new multiplayer modes include:

  • Nuclear mode: All prototype factory units and upgrades will be unlocked from the beginning, and Supply Depots provide twice as much money. Nuclear Long Toms will be available for production, changing gamplay and player strategies dramatically.
  • Total War : The game will start in the 1939 era, and depending on the time set for the match, the era will progress periodically, up until the 1945 era. Will you be smart enough to master a faction not only in one era, but in all of them?


  • The Console version of Guns And Tulips is only 2v2 not 3v3.