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The Maginot Line is a 1 vs all operation in R.U.S.E..


Abandoned by its allies, France stands alone against Europe's totalitarian states. Squandering its military budget on the Maginot line, it misses the opportunity to modernize its armed forces. When the German, Italian and Russian armies gather against France, its army is mostly outdated...

Intelligence report

Mon général, aside from our air forces, grounded by enemy air superiority, all the army is combat ready. However, our equipment is less modern than the enemy's. You will have to fight a war of attrition to delay the enemy long enough for reinforcements to arrive.


Build two Maginot Bunkers in front of the town. Build an AA base, deploy Camels, and place them inside the city. Build an Barracks and place the FFL inside the city in case the Maginot Bunkers fail. Build a Maginot bunker near each of your secondary HQs. Also build them at the flanks of your main base and support it with AA. Build an armor base and research Sau-40's. Once that is done, build 5 of them and keep them as a reserve, as enemies will try to attack your rear. Also, if the Maginot bunkers are still alive, send B1 Bis's to go and serve as a meat shield. By this point, an EBR and a F1 FCM would have arrived. Use that as an AA to help the Camels. Place the EBR in the forest to help thin out enemy tanks a bit. Your defenses should hold.

Soon, you will receive a Lorraine advance tank hunter, and even better, a Nuclear Long Tom. Defend it with your life (and some Camels) and your game will be a pleasant time of choosing what to shoot with your Nuclear Long Tom. And this Nuclear Long Tom is the campaign type, not those crummy ones from the DLC. These will destroy all land units with one shot, as long as it makes contact. Place your Lorraine in front of the city (if the Maginots and heavy tanks still stand) and just wait for the timer to reach 0.

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