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The Hedgerow War is the eleventh mission of the game and second of the Normandy Campaign.

Mission Overview

Primary Objectives

  • Identify the threat: +50 Points - identify four armored vehicles headed towards you base using a recon plane.
  • Destroy the StuGs: +250 Points - Using four incoming P-47 Thunderbolts, destroy the StuGs to stop them from destroying your base.
  • Down the Fighter: +250 Points - Destroy the fighter so it won't destroy your recon planes.
  • Secure Valognes: +1000 Points - Capture or destroy the bases around Valognes using a combination of air and ground units.

Secondary Objectives

  • Destroy the Heavy Bunker: +50 Points
  • Destroy all German AA units: +50 Points

Strategy and Tactics

  • Install a lot of anti-tank positions to your right flank so that the captured French Armor doesn't blow your HQ to pieces. An alternative is to place a lot of anti-tank guns in the forest, guarded by infantry, and use them to ambush the tanks.
  • Beware the flanking attacks that come from the far right flank, composed of infantry and tanks alike.
  • A good way to take Valognes is to bomb the AA guns, then take out the airfield. Mass Shermans and Wolverines near the city, but not too close, and attack all forces there. If you are really paranoid, just bomb the entire place and send some infantry there. Interesting Fact
  • A Panther tank attacks Wetherby I would destroy it for 35 extra point