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The Battle of Cherbourg is the twelth mission of the game and third and final mission of the Normandy campaign. The player must defend against German counter-attacks while attacking and capturing Cherbourg.

Mission Overview

Primary Objectives

  • Neutralize the German HQ at Cherbourg: +1000 Points

Secondary Objectivess

  • Launch a Decoy Army: +50 Points
  • Neutralize the German Army: +500 Points


Your job is to take Cherbourg. Great. Only problem, there are lots of bloodthirsty Jerries in the way. They'll counterattack. Therefore, use the turtling strategy. But first, Sturmgrenadiers will attack you. Use the 3 GIs that are in the forest to engage it. After that, build 3 AT positions and an MG nest in the center. That's where their main attack will come from. Build as many P-47 Thunderbolts as you can while you wait out the storm. Once the Germans' main assault is exausted and their supplies are low, send your fighter-bombers to first destroy the AA guns, then the heavy artillery, then build a Grasshopper over the forest leading to Cherbourg. Lots of Sturmgrenadiers and AT guns are there. Wipe them out with the fighter-bombers. Once that is over, mass Shermans and a few Rangers and take out the HQ. Before you do that though, there are 2 Tiger tanks near cherbourg. Take those out with the P-47s. Once German resistance is minimal, capture or destroy the base.

Alternatively, you can build priests and destroy the airfield and then use them on the HQ

Note: While the briefing says that the German forces attacking from the rear will be held back, they will occasionally breakthrough to attack from the rear, be warned that there will be no alert given for this, so you will have to watch your rear constantly.


  • A very fast way to do the mission would be to create 3-4 Priests , first bombard the airfield and destroy it, and then move closer and destroy the HQ from a distance. If you find that you don't have enough time before they attack, smiply build 2 AT Bunkers with recon and a few wolverines and shermans to defend.


  • If you destroy all of the units, buildings (excluding the headquarters), and supply depots, you can then engage the other German forces that pour in from off the map; this can go on forever and you can claim as many points as you would want.
  • Unlike most missions, your units can go into every sector of the entire map.