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Terror is an aggressive ruse in R.U.S.E..


Enemy troops are more likely to be routed; the enemy will retreat faster. This ruse eventually fails when countered by fanaticism.

While it might seem advantageous to force an earlier retreat by enemy units, be aware that it might make enemy units harder to kill, since they retreat at higher health than they normally would. This ruse should instead be used to gain ground on the enemy or to help fend off an attack, rather than kill off his units. This is not a ruse to be used liberally, as it can be easily countered by fanaticism and might set your forces up for a counterattack with superior numbers after the enemy units have regrouped.

Strategies and tactics

  • Terror is very useful in fending off surprise attacks on your base. Depending on the situation, it may give you enough time to train defensive forces.
  • Terror is also useful in an even fight. Enemies retreating no longer fire, and if chased make an easy target. Combine terror with blitz to catch the cowards quicker.
  • If your opponent is using more than one ruse in one sector (it is common that these ruses will be radio silence and camouflage net) when you attack, throw down the Terror Ruse, as your opponent will not be able to counter it with fanaticism.

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