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{{Infobox unit
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|icon       = 
|name       = 
|nativename = 
|image      = 
|imgdesc    = 
|faction    = 
|class      = 
|era        = 
|cost       = 
|research   = 
|upgrade    = 
|precursor  = 
|upgradesto = 
|producedby = 
|armor      = 
|resistance = 
|speed      = 
|assessment = 
|vsinfantry = 
|vsbuilding = 
|vsarmor    = 
|vsaircraft = 
|building   = 
  • name: Changes the name at the top of the caption box. Defaults to the page title.
  • Image: Links to an image. Use the Image:Example.jpg syntax.
  • imagewidth: Optional. Defaults to 250 pixels wide.
  • caption: Optional. A small remark centered below the image.
  • faction: Which of the six factions in R.U.S.E. that this unit belongs to.
  • class: The type of unit displayed. (Recon, Armor, Infantry, etc.) Each tag will add a link and category for any of the valid input words.
  • cost: The number of resources (in dollars $) it costs to manufacture one of these units.
  • upgrade: Some units must be researched before they can be fielded. If the unit requires an upgrade cost, this tag should be marked 'yes' (followed by the cost in parentheses). Otherwise, mark it 'no'.
  • precursor: If this is an upgraded unit, this is where the unit's previous model should be noted. Will default to NONE.
  • Era: Not all units are available at the same time. The game has 1939+, 1941+, and 1945 eras; if a unit is available in an earlier era, it is available in the later eras as well.
  • Armor: Tanks and certain other vehicles have an armor class, ranking from 1 to 5. Most other units do not, and simply state their unit type as their armor class.
  • Resistance: A factor of the unit type and its armor (if any), resistance is the unit's effective 'health'. The higher a unit's resistance, the more punishment it can withstand before retreat or destruction.