A T-26 light tank

A Tank is an armored combat vehicle, usually armed with a cannon and a few machine guns. Tanks serve as the spearhead of the world's modern armies.

Tanks, during the Second World War and the early Cold War are classified into four groups:

  • Light tanks
  • Medium tanks
  • Heavy tanks
  • Super-heavy tanks

In-game, tanks can be manufactured through an Armor Base, a Barracks (usually light tanks for infantry support), or a Prototype Base (usually heavy tanks and super-heavy tanks).


The first tanks, called the Mark 1, were used by the British during World War I as a way of attacking enemy trenches. They were called tanks to trick the Germans into thinking they were water carriers for areas where water was hard to move or find in large amounts.

Tanks played a major role in World War II. Although Italy and Japan produced significant numbers of tanks before and during World War II, it is the German tanks which are best known. The early tanks of Germany were technologically inferior to many of their opponent's tanks in the areas of armor and firepower, however it was in their tactical employment that German tanks dominated all rivals early in the war. German doctrine stressed the use of combined-arms involving mobile infantry and air support, and, after its surprising success during the execution of Fall Gelb (Battle of France), the tactic of the Blitzkrieg (lightning warfare) was developed. This doctrine required the Germans to equip their tanks with radios, which provided unmatched command and control. In contrast, almost all light French tanks lacked radios, essentially because their battle doctrine was based on a more slow-paced, deliberate conformance to planned movements. This required fewer radios at all levels. French tanks generally outclassed German tanks in firepower and armor in the 1940 campaign, but their poor command and control doctrine made these advantages irrelevant to the final outcome.

Types of tanksEdit

Light tankEdit

A light tank is a type of tank designed for fast movement, infantry support, and are usually quick and cheap to produce. Light tanks typically don't have good armor protection and firepower, so it is not a good idea to use light tanks in highly-intense situations (fending against heavy tanks, being fired at by anti-tank units or tank destroyers, etc).

The light tanks in-game include:

U.S.A. Germany France U.K. U.S.S.R. Italy Japan
Precursor Stuart Panzer III H39 Vickers T-26 Carro Veloce Carro M11 Ha-Go
Upgraded Chaffee N/A


Medium tankEdit

A medium tank is a type of tank being intermediate in size and the weight and firepower somewhere between light tanks and heavy tanks. Medium tanks are generally faster than heavy tanks, but outsped by their lighter brethren. Medium tanks can be used in many situations on the battlefield because of their balance of all in-game factors (except for anti-air). There were medium tanks that had anti-infantry capabilites, and medium tank tanks which were more focused on anti-tank support, mounting high-velocity tank guns.

The medium tanks in-game includes:

U.S.A. Germany France U.K. U.S.S.R. Italy Japan
Precursor Lee Panzer IV S35 Cruiser A13 T-34 Carro M13 Chi-Ha
Upgraded Sherman Panther Sau 40 Cromwell A27 N/A Carro M15 Chi-Nu

Heavy tankEdit

Heavy tanks have vast firepower and armor, enabling them to wade in battle and sustain prolonged hits before getting routed. While early heavy tanks have the firepower of light or medium tanks, they have decent armor, becoming good meatshields later on. The more advanced heavy tanks retain that heavy armor, but with a significant boost in firepower. They tend to be rather slow, with exceptions in Italy's 39 km/h Carro P26 and Japan's 43 km/h Chi-Ri.

Nation U.S.A Germany U.K France italy U.S.S.R Japan
Precursor Pershing Tiger Matilda B1 BIS N/a KV 1 CHI-RI
Upgraded N/a King Tiger N/A ARL 44 N/a Is-2 N/a

Super-heavy tankEdit

Super-heavy tanks are massive mobile fortresses that often have either enormous firepower (German Maus), speed (American Super Pershing) or a special something that most other tanks do not have (Japanese O-I or the French FCM F1). Almost all of them are equipped with rather fearsome main guns. 

Nation U.S.A Germany U.K France Italy U.S.S.R Japan
Regular T95 Maus Churchill FCM F1 CARRO P26 IS-3 O-I
Campaign/ Uplay Store Super Pershing N/a N/a N/a N/a N/a N/a

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