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Campbell: You don't have to convince me, old boy. But all you have is rifles against Rommel's 21st Panzer division. I don't see how you'll get from here to there.
Sheridan: There's a way. Let me show you.

- Sheridan to Campbell

Taking Command! is the second mission in R.U.S.E. and the first of the North Africa campaign.


Major-General Sheridan and Colonel Campbell manage to find and free "Agent Nightingale" from her cell in Colditz Castle, but not before it's too late: their contact has been killed, but not without divulging key information regarding the location of "Prometheus", the Axis Powers' spy inside the Allied Forces. As they discuss their next move, Sheridan reminisces about the day he met General Wetherby...

Flashback: February 19th-21st, 1943 -- North Africa

Then-Major Sheridan is trying to regroup after a devastating German attack on his unit. An officer from the Military Intelligence Service, Colonel Campbell, shows up, trying to find the commanding officer. Sheridan bluntly states that they are all dead, therefore he is now the commander. The two get along quickly, Campbell already impressed with his strategic thinking as he has a daring plan which could win them the battle...

Order of battle

Allies Axis
56th Infantry Div. 1. Fallschirmjäger-Div.
  • 1. Fallschirmjäger
  • Ersatz-Fallschirm-Abt.
  • s.Panzer-Abt. 504
3e Div. d'Infanterie
  • Division Francaise Libre
3. Panzergrenadier-Div.
  • 8. Panzergrenadier
  • Pionier-Abt. 3
5th Infantry Div. 15. PzGrenadier-Div.
  • 33. Artillerie
  • Kpfgpe Koerner
Task Force Sheridan 26. Panzer-Div.
  • 26. Panzer
  • 93. Panzerjäger
  • Flakpanzer-Abt. 93
Task Force Wetherby 94. Infanterie-Div.
  • 194. Panzerjäger
  • 267. Grenadier

Mission Overview

Major Sheridan's Regimental Combat Team is cut off from Allied forces in North Africa, but intends to take the town of Kassarine from Axis forces, denying them a key strategic foothold. While marching on Kassarine, the infantry team will pick up some much-needed firepower in the form of American anti-tank units.


Primary objectives

  • Move to the meeting point: +150 Points - You're not alone; a nearby American Anti-Tank division is cut off, and looking to regroup in the town of Sbiba...
  • Destroy Enemy Tanks: +50 Points - You've met up with the American M1 57mm's, but an enemy tank patrol is about to complicate things...
  • Secure Sbeitla: +150 Points - Some enemy armor and infantry units have holed up in a nearby town, hoping to evade your new anti-tank firepower.
  • Reach Kasserine: +250 Points - With the 1st Armored Division holding back German reenforcements, it looks like clear sailing straight on to Kasserine...

Secondary objectives

  • Reach Kasserine in 3 minutes: +50 Points - The 1st Armored Division can't hold back the Germans forever. Hurry to Kasserine before things get... difficult.

Wargamer playthrough


  • The G.I.'s in this mission have only light weapons and also cost $10, according to the unit information.

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