Supply Convoy
Provision Transport Truck
Faction Icon Common Any
Class Noncombat Unit
Warmode 1939+
Cost None
Upgrade Cost $0
Armor Armor Vehicle Vehicle (300)
Speed 23 km/h

If your Headquarters is the heart of your campaign, then Supply Convoys are your life-blood. A Supply Depot will dispatch three of these trucks, each carrying $3 ($6 in Nuclear Mode) of resources, to the nearest headquarters by way of the shortest road. During that time, they are completely defenseless against enemy attack, and will usually succumb to even the weakest of armed units. Because of this, it is imperative that you ensure that both your Supply Depots, and the routes between them and Headquarters are completely safe.

Like all units, Supply Convoys benefit from ruses; a popular one being Blitz plan, to speed up the acquisition of precious resources.

Infantry and Armored Recon units will often be the ones to try and cut your supply lines. Make sure you have Recon keeping an eye on forests and cities near your supply depots.