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Target at my six, engaging!
- Spitfire pilot engaging

The Supermarine "Spitfire" was arguably among the best fighters of WW2. It was highly maneuverable, very fast, and carried two 20mm guns and four 7.7mm machine-guns--an unusually heavy armament for a fighter. With unmatched firepower, few opposing fighters can hope to beat if in a duel. However this wonder has its price, a high one, and it took a long time for it to be fielded in sufficient numbers to provide complete air superiority. As for ground strafing, the Spitfire is only effective against light troops.


Historically, Spitfires were the backbone of Britain's fighter defense in the Battle of Britain, along with the Hurricane. The main defect of the Spitfire was that it could not dive steeply, or else the engine would be deprived of fuel due to the design of the craft. However, it was a very mobile fighter, and was well off in duels vs. the German ME 109.

There were more Spitfires produced than any other British aircraft and it was the only British fighter that was in continuous production throughout the whole war (1938–1948).

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Small cal. Machine-guns
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