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Invasion of Germany

Soviet-Allied War
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Allies final push in the Grande Finale!

Post-European Theatre


May 13 - June 9, 1945


Elbe river, Germany


Allied victory


Allied Forces

Icon USSR Soviet Union (later renegade forces of the 8th Guards Army)


Icon USSR 1st Front of the Ukraine (later stopped due to armistice)

Icon USSR 8th Guards Army (renegade)



Besides, Eisenhower won't approve any major offensive against the Soviets. Not with the risk of starting another war.
- Angie Summers, Into The Bear´s Jaws...

The Soviet-Allied War, also termed as nearly starting the Third World War, was a (fictional) short-lived confrontation between the western Allied Forces of the United States, United Kingdom, France, and allied-occupied Germany against the Soviet Union on May 13th to June 9th, 1945, at the end of the European theatre of World War II.


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Seriously, Joe. Leave. I'm building a great country. Communism is the future; it's inevitable.
- Kate Garner, The Grande Finale!

Prometheus's intention was to prolong the war in the Western Front so that the Soviets fighting in the Eastern Front could potentially gain more territory and the secret weapons ("Wunderwaffe") Germany was researching at the time. However, the Allies manage to take most of Germany on the western side and organized and sent the German Transition Army, commanded by Erich Von Richter, to take the research facility from some still fanatic Germans in the Soviet sector.

Russian OffensiveEdit

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The Soviets eventually knew the Transition Army seized the research facility and attacked to regain the facility, only for the facility to be blown by Sheridan's forces after they escaped. However, several prototype weapons were already sent to Thuringia.

Into the Bear's JawsEdit

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Soviet RenegadesEdit

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