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The main singleplayer campaign takes place during World War II and puts you in the shoes of General Joseph Sheridan. The campaign is comprised of 23 'missions' across Tunisia (Northern Africa), Normandy (Northern France) and Germany. Some famous combat scenes like the 'bloody battle of Monte Cassino', the very well known 'Operation Overlord' and the Battle of Bastogne "Battle of the Bulge" can be re-enacted by the player. There is unique approach to the event of the century whereby the single player campaign aims to provide you with the feeling that you're the master strategist who pulled strings to manipulate enemies and leave them in disillusion.[1]


One of the campaigns takes place from the point of view of Major Joseph Sheridan of the United States Army. A Yale dropout, Joe Sheridan later joined the US Army and then assumed control of the First Armored Division. Alongside Sheridan is Colonel Andrew Campbell, dispatched from the War Office to bring Joe his orders, and assist him in carrying them out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The opposing character is an up-and-coming German Major, Erich von Richter, who displays a rather dismissive attitude towards the war effort, until a challenge makes itself known, in the form of an impetuous young American officer...


The game follows Sheridan as he battles from Africa to Germany, feeling the weight of the war and moving up the ranks. The story's plot is for Sheridan to find the identity of Prometheus, a spy that seems to have sabotaged all of his operations making him a grinding soldier going up the ranks and feeling the glory of the victories.


The missions, in order, during the singleplayer campaign, will be listed here, and on a 'Missions' page template.


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