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Seelöwe is a 1 vs 1 operation in R.U.S.E.. Playing as the Germans, you have orders to neutralize the British forces near Kent county. The RAF is present, so you have been given some flak guns, including a prototype Wirbelwind.


With France defeated, the Wehrmacht attempts a landing in England to finish off its last enemy. This operation is codenamed Seelöwe. Despite the fierce resistance of the RAF and Royal Navy, the German troops gain a foothold in Kent county and start advancing on London...

Intelligence report

Herr General, our German 17. Infanterie-Division is spearheading the offensive: it is our mission to neutralize the British 45th Infantry Division's HQ, which is covering London. Be careful of air or airborne attacks for the Royal Air Force is still very present. That's why High Command is granting you several anti-aircraft units, including a unique AA tank prototype. Take care of it!


Build a barracks, and spam grenadiers. Send them to the enemy base and neutralize the airfields and HQ. Then, capture the armor base and neutralize any remaining armor with your Panzer IIIs. once you do that, you can wait for the Red Devils to come or just neutralize the supply depots. Don't use the Wirbelwind in your attacks, as it will be destroyed by Typhoons.

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