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Built from the SOMUA S35 medium tank, the SAu 40 had a turret 47mm AT gun as well as a spontoon 75mm which served as an assault gun. With better armor and a stronger engine, it was faster and sturdier than the S35. It also enjoys a very cheap price (comparative to other tanks of its kind) and all-round capabilities against infantry and vehicles. It has a long range gun and can duel with tanks of it's size or (in numbers) larger.

It's 75mm assault gun is extremely effective, the range only 50m shy of a Sturmtiger, and it does 34% more damage than a Sturmtiger. This makes it perfect for clearing out forests full of anti-tank weapons, then moving ahead to engage enemy armor.


An early prototype of the SAu 40

From the S35, SOMUA developed in 1937 the SAu 40 self-propelled 75 mm gun. Its drivetrain featured an extra wheel to improve off-road capabilities, and the hull was wider. Only one prototype was built in this configuration; it fought in June, probably together with a small number of mass-production vehicles, fitted with the powerful 47 mm SA 37 gun: 72 units had been ordered on 1 May 1940. A total of 430 of these were produced between 1935 and 1940.

They were sent after the fall of France in South Africa where they fought the Germans and Italians but some fell into the Axis hands and were tested. By 1944 only seventeen remained for combat and were quickly replaced by the M4 Sherman.

Pros & Cons

!OBS! the current ingame stats indeed say 58 dps. this does not comply with game coding. The damage is about 3/4 of the ARL 40 -August, 2019

+Mobile artillery combined with a medium tank.

  • Unlike most mobile artillery, it can defend itself, and even effectively.
  • Short build time.
  • All targets are engadged with the Assault gun, it will not charge enemies.

+The research is cheap

+/-When put up against the ARL 40, this assault gun is cheaper, easier to get acces to, faster, able to defend itself and takes barely ½ the time to produce.


The assault gun is a great asset to this tank. It allows it to destroy AT guns at range before it can be hit.

Weapon Infantryyesicon.jpg Engineernoicon.jpg Buildingsyesicon.jpg Armor1yesicon.jpg Armor2yesicon.jpg Armor3yesicon.jpg Armor4yesicon.jpg Armor5yesicon.jpg Aircraftnoicon.jpg Rangeicon.jpg
Assault Gun
58 58 58 12 6 3 1 1 650m
Weapon Infantrynoicon.jpg Engineernoicon.jpg Buildingsnoicon.jpg Armor1yesicon.jpg Armor2yesicon.jpg Armor3yesicon.jpg Armor4yesicon.jpg Armor5yesicon.jpg Aircraftnoicon.jpg Rangeicon.jpg
Medium cal.
AP shell
250 31 25 15 10 7 350m



  • It has been argued as to whether or not the SAu 40 stats are accurate, considering that a German Sturmtiger's heavy assault gun is much more powerful than that of the SAU-40.

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