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All war is based on deception.
When we are able to attack, we must seem unable;
when using our forces, we must seem inactive;
when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away.

- Sun Tzu; 'The Art of War' - Chapter I, Verses 17-18

R.U.S.E. employs a system of ruses that allow the player to fool or bluff the opponent, or to strengthen your own troops or give information in the game. A total of ten ruses are currently able to be used in the game. The ruses are divided into three different categories: those that reveal information (such as Decryption or the Spy Plan), those that hide information (such as Radio Silence or Camouflage Net), and those that allow for fake structures/units, designed to trick the enemy (the Decoy Offensive is an example of such a ruse).

Victory can be achieved without the use of ruses in a game, but the use of them tends to help you out quite a bit. It is recommended to use a ruse to your own advantage, and at the right time, otherwise you may end up like Wetherby.

List of ruses

There is no such thing as a perfect plan.
- Murphy's Military Law

The ruses are classified into four groups: the revealing ruses, the concealing ruses, the decoy ruses and the aggressive ruses. It takes approximately 1 minute and 45 seconds to gain a new ruse card.

Revealing ruses

Revealing ruses are used to reveal enemy intelligence.

Ruse Description
Displays all enemy movement orders as large red arrows, as long as either the enemy unit or the order is located in the sector. Works even when the enemy is under Radio Silence.
RUSE Spy.png
Reveals all unidentified/hidden enemy units. If the enemy has used Radio Silence, a recon unit will have to be used with it's line of sight (LOS) to assist in revealing unidentified/hidden enemy units in a sector.

Concealing ruses

These Ruses are used to hide your intelligence to the enemy.

Ruse Description
RUSE RadioSilence.png
Radio silence
Radio silence hides all friendly units within a sector. All allied units remain hidden from the enemy detection system as long as they do not leave the affected sector. This lasts five minutes and is stackable. Radio silence does not affect buildings however.
Camouflage net
The camouflage net hides all friendly buildings within a sector. Units created by the player within the affected sector will not be hidden from the enemy however, even if they remain in the affected sector. This allows the player to create camouflaged factories behind enemy lines. This last approximately 4 minutes and is stackable. Aircraft are hidden by camo nets as long as they are parked at the airfield. Supply trucks are also hidden within the affected sector.

Decoy ruses

Decoy ruses create fake units or buildings.

Ruse Description
RUSE Ruse Decoy Armor Base.png
Decoy building
Creates a decoy building. An engineering unit will leave from the closest HQ and follow roads. The decoy building is placed in a sector. The AI automatically chooses the location. But if you want you can change to location anywhere you want.
Fake offensive
This ruse allows the player to create decoy units to simulate an army. Decoy units are produced and then launched in this sector in order to simulate an attack. Any units created are only those which have been researched. Decoys are as fast as their real counterparts, but cannot attack and will be destroyed with one shot from any unit that can damage it.
Reverted intel
Light units are given heavy unit markings when not scouted, and vice versa.

Aggressive ruses

Aggressive ruses provide an advantage when attacking or moving into enemy territory.

Ruse Description
RUSE BlitzRuse.png
All friendly units move 50% faster.
Enemy units more easily become routed in combat. Countered by enemy fanaticism.
RUSE Fanaticism.png
All friendly units will not be routed in combat and will fight to the death. Countered by enemy terror.


  • There may have been other ruses that did not make it into the final game as on Kate Garner's card, it says her favorite ruse is "Interference" which is not mentioned in the entire game while in one of the R.U.S.E. trailers, it shows an airstrike ruse.

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