This is a list of all console achievements and trophies for R.U.S.E..

Icon Name Description Points Trophy
Ach-the great The Great Achieve a winning streak of 10 in ranked matches 50 Silver
Ach-the terrible The Terrible Achieve a winning streak of 3 in ranked matches 25 Silver
Ach-mercenary Mercenary Win 5 games with every nation in ranked matches 25 Silver
Ach-whos your daddy Who's Your Daddy? Achieve a 200% or more kill rate in a ranked match 25 Bronze
Ach-invincible Invincible Achieve a 90% or more survival ratio in a ranked match 25 Bronze
Ach-top gun Top Gun Defeat an opponent with air units only in a ranked match 20 Bronze
Ach-one hand behind my back One Hand behind My Back Defeat an opponent without using the airfield and armor and artillery base camps in a ranked match 20 Bronze
Ach-battle hardened Battle Hardened Achieve a victory in every ranked match mode 10 Bronze
Ach-occasional allies Occasional Allies Play a game with a stranger in team ranked match 10 Bronze
Ach-tank buster Tank Buster Eliminate the last Italian forces 5 ...
Ach-the facility The Facility Recover Germany's secret weapon plans 25 ...
Ach-got your back Got Your Back! Play a game with a friend 5 Bronze
Ach-atlas Atlas Play a game on every map in a ranked match 10 Bronze
Ach-best enemies Best Enemies Play a four-player game with your friends only 10 Bronze
Ach-eug virus Eug-virus Defeat one of Eugen Systems' team or someone having already unlocked this achievement 25 Bronze
Ach-war god War God Get to level 100 50 Gold
Ach-elite Elite Reach the Elite league. 25 Bronze
Ach-veteran Veteran Reach the Veteran league. 10 Bronze
Ach-regular Regular Get to level 20 5 Bronze
Ach-destroyer Destroyer Destroy 5000 enemy units 25 Bronze
Ach-cunning Cunning Use all RUSEs 25 Bronze
Ach-collector Collector Defeat all A.I. profiles in 1v1 battle at least in Medium difficulty. 25 Bronze
Ach-ambassador Ambassador Defeat an A.I. in battle mode while playing each nation. 25 Bronze
Ach-parasite Parasite Capture 50 buildings 10 Bronze
Ach-ace Ace Defeat an A.I. In battle mode on Hard difficulty level with Total victory. 50 Silver
Ach-trooper Trooper Defeat an A.I. in battle mode on Medium difficulty level and in all time periods (39/42/45). 25 Bronze
Ach-recruit Recruit Defeat an A.I. in battle mode. 5 Bronze
Ach-staff officer Staff Officer Complete all operations 25 Silver
Ach-nemesis Nemesis Complete all 1 vs. 1 operations 25 Silver
Ach-one vs. all One vs. All Complete all 1 vs. all operations 25 Silver
Ach-best friend Best Friend Complete all cooperative operations 25 Silver
Ach-achiever Achiever Complete all operations' bonus objectives 10 Bronze
Ach-competitor Competitor Complete an operation 5 Bronze
Ach-hard boiled Hard Boiled Complete all secondary objectives 50 Silver
Ach-first captain First Captain Complete 50% of secondary objectives 25 Bronze

Secret AchievementsEdit


Sec troph
Sec achiev

Secret Achievement and/or Trophies

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Icon Name Description Points Trophy
Ach-first contact First Contact Seize Colditz Castle 5 ...
Ach-holding the pass Holding The Pass Successfully hold Kasserine Pass 5 ...
Ach-sand storm Sand Storm Throw the Axis out of Africa 5 ...
Ach-from cover to cover From Cover to Cover Neutralize the Italian secondary HQ by moving from cover to cover. 5 ...
Ach-highway to heaven Highway to Heaven Complete the Italian Campaign 5 ...
Ach-d-day D-Day Successfully land at Utah Beach 10 ...
Ach-hedgerow war Hedgerow War Complete the Cotentin Campaign 10 ...
Ach-death from above Death From Above Complete Operation Market Garden 10 ...
Ach-battered bastard of bastogne Battered Bastard of Bastogne Successfully hold Bastogne 25 ...
Ach-v-e day V-E Day Survive to see the German capitulation 25 ...
Ach-payback Payback! Prevent the Russians from attacking the western allies 25 ...
Ach-brigadier general Brigadier General Prevent World War III in Easy difficulty level 25 ...
Ach-lietenant general Lieutenant General Prevent World War III in Medium difficulty level 25 ...
Ach-general of the army General of the Army Prevent World War III in Hard difficulty level 50 ...
Ach-desert fox Desert Fox Play two RUSEs on the same sector 10 ...

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