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Pincer Movement is a 1 vs all operation in R.U.S.E.. In this operation, the US Expeditionary troops have been caught in the jaws of the Germans and Italians. Fortunately, two Pershing tanks have been supplied to the Americans.


The USA have entered the war alongside Great Britain as early as 1940. Following Operation Compass' success, the British 8th Army resumed its advanced in Cyrenaica, landing the US Expeditionary Corps behind the Italian 5th Army in order to cut its line of retreat. But the US troops soon find themselves caught in a pincer between the Italians and their newly arrived German allies...

Intelligence report

Sir, our US Expeditionary Corps is caught in a pincer movement between the German and Italian armies. Like us, they have access to a combination of tanks, infantry, artillery and aircraft. But we have a trump card: a heavy tank prototype battalion! Our goal is not to crush the enemy, but to force them to sue for peace.


Take your Pershings and send them to run over the Italians. Build a barracks and use  GI's to run over the Germans. Neutralize the HQ's, and send 4 infantry to defeat the forces guarding the abandoned AT base. Once that is done, capture the enemy supply depots, and you win! Remember, time is of key essence. Capture the AT base and supply depots AFTER the HQ's are neutralized.

Strategies and tactics

  • An early air force is key to an early victory
  • Using you air force to cover your advance, send your Pershings towards the Italian base. using fighters to destroy the AI's building trucks to prevent them from putting up 90mm positions to halt your advance.
  • With the Italian AI's units and production buildings destroyed use your Pershings to prevent the Italian from building new structures while you send infantry to capture the HQ. This is key to establishing good logistic lines.
  • Using AT positions and Lee tanks to hold the right flank against German attacks, use your Pershings and newly built tank forces to work the left side free of German control.

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