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Ostfriesland is a 1 vs all operation exclusive to the Pack of the Rising Sun DLC.


While the Allies enter Germany in early 1945, Japan sends a small expeditionary force to support its European ally. But when this force lands in East Frisia, Berlin has already fallen and the Reich is about to surrender. The Imperial Army has therefore no other choice than to strike immediately, without waiting for all its equipment to be unloaded, in order to create a bridgehead to gather the Wehrmacht remains...

Intelligence report

Rikugun Shōshō, the Wehrmacht doesn't exist anymore. At best it will put its last logistical capabilities to our service to secure the capture grounds... Our independent battlegroup will initially be composed only of infantry and tanks, but more troops will be granted to us as soon as they are unloaded from the transport ships or if you capture enemy production structures. The British 12th Corps which is occupying this area is made up of a great number of British and French infantry and armored units. Our only hope of establishing a lasting beachhead is to quickly neutralize its HQ: no alternative will bring us victory!

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