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Gameplay of Nuclear War Mode

Nuclear War Mode is a warmode (game mode) introduced in the Manhattan Project DLC, set in the 1945 era, where gameplay is dominated primarily by Nuclear Long Toms. The gamemode allows the players to build Atomic Centers, replacing  Prototype Bases, with the units normally built from a Prototype Base located in your normal production facilities. To keep up with the high cost of the Nuclear Long Toms, and the inability to produce Administrative Buildings, supply trucks from supply depots are now worth $6, as opposed to the regular $3.  

Strategies and Tactics

  • Since spamming is always a problem in this war mode, a good way to counter this tactic would be to use a Spy Plan and send in fighters or fighter-bombers to quickly take out exposed Nuclear Long Toms.
  • Do not rely solely on Nuclear Long Toms as they are slow, defenseless, cost a whopping $80, and are crippled by a very slow rate of fire. 
  • Camouflage Nets are essential in this game mode, as one shot from a Nuclear Long Tom would destroy any building, including your Headquarters.(except in Battle mode DLC)
  • Units with level 3 armor and below will be destroyed by a nuclear shell in one shot.

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