Italian Campaign

North African Campaign
Ingame TheWildBunch

World War II


10 June 1940 - 13 May 1943


North Africa and Tunisia

  • Allied victory
  • Axis retreat to Italy
  • Battle of Kasserine Pass
  • Tunisian Offensive

North African


Push the Axis out of North Africa


Afrika Korps

The North African Campaign took place in North Africa from 10 June 1940 to 13 May 1943. In Joseph Sheridan's perspective, it focuses on Operation Torch and the Tunisia Campaign.


Colonel Andrew Campbell of military intelligence is trying to group together some forces in order to hold the line while reinforcements arrive from elsewhere. He encounters Major Sheridan commanding several troops to grab supplies and treat the wounded, from Sheridan he finds out that both of Sheridan's commanding officers are dead, he then tells Sheridan that he is now in command and has to rally his troops to wait out for reinforcements.

Sheridan dismisses the plan, telling him that all of the German army will be counterattacking soon through Kasserine and that the line needs to be held there. Campbell is skeptical even as he acknowledges the situation as Sheridan has nothing to defend against the coming armor onslaught.

However, Sheridan has a plan...

Taking Command! - SummaryEdit

Main article: Taking Command!

Move what remains of your troops through enemy patrols to meet up with an isolated AT unit. Combine the two forces now under your command and coordinate their push to the town of Kasserine before the Germans catch up.

Battle of the Kasserine Pass - SummaryEdit

Main article: Kasserine Pass

Although you have reached Kasserine, you are now completely surrounded by German and Italian troops. Coordinate the defense of the town with infantry and AT units against repeated German and Italian mechanized assaults.

The Wild Bunch - SummaryEdit

Main article: The Wild Bunch

Having received a promotion from General Wetherby, move your new armored forces through a canyon to mop up the remaining Italian forces as part of the new offensive. However, your French allies' offensive has been stopped by strong Italian forces supposedly "destroyed" according to Intelligence. Support them with your forces by capturing the Italian HQ; hurry, or the French offensive will fail.

Digging Out the Fox - SummaryEdit

Main article: Digging Out The Fox

While you were supporting your French allies, Wetherby and Montgomery's offensives have bogged down by heavy German forces. Relieve the pressure off them by striking at the thinned German center lines and destroying the 21st Panzer Division's HQ. Be careful, however. Erich Von Richter, the commander, may have a trick up his sleeve.

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