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Privatejfx141 Privatejfx141 11 March 2014

Eugen's Next Game & Nineteenth Poll

Well, it has been a really long time since there has been a new poll and a blog.

Today, Eugen announced another RTS that will be released after Wargame: Red Dragon for publisher Focus Home Interactive:

The game was codenamed "Act of R.U.S.E." by Eugen employee and forum admin MadMat on the official Wargame forums, thus implying this game could be the spiritual successor to R.U.S.E., but with a modern setting. However, Eugen Systems commented that the game will “bring the players back in the 90’s Golden Age of strategy games.”, which means it will be more of a traditional RTS like Act of War: Direct Action, StarCraft, and Command & Conquer. They also stated that “Eugen is set on delivering a real-time strategy experience that will touch a larger audience of gamers” as well.


Here are the results fr…

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Privatejfx141 Privatejfx141 4 July 2013

R.U.S.E. Concept Art

Recently I found several concept art images of R.U.S.E. All images are by concept artist Michel Koch.

Portfolio link:

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 16 May 2013

Eighteenth Poll

Finally, changing the poll after a long hiatus. Here are the results for our question "What year and quarter do you expect the next (possible) RUSE will be released in?"

Q1 2014- 6

Q2 2014- 43

Q3 2014- 2

Q4 2014- 0

Q1 2015- 3

Q2 2015- 2

Q3 2015- 0

Q4 2015- 0

Q1 2016- 0

Q2 2016- 0

Q3 2016- 0

Q4 2016- 0

Q1 2017+- 1

Not Sure- 4

Doubtful for a sequel- 70

Unfortunately, the doubters have won in this, but then again, the sequel, or rather "spiritual sequel" has possibly been already released. Wargame: European Escalation is a sort of spiritual sequel set in four possible World War III scenarios during the cold war. Lets just wait and hope for a RUSE II, however. Lets pick up some editing and fixing of pages, and show Eugen that we still want a sequel!

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Privatejfx141 Privatejfx141 12 January 2013

Time to Promote!

Alright guys, I think it's time to promote the R.U.S.E. wiki on I've decided to let you members choose which picture should be the first and front picture representing the wiki. Any other pictures that didn't manage to be the top voted will be part of the wiki preview's photo gallery.

If you think none of these pictures seem representative enough of the wiki, please discuss that in the comments section below.

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Privatejfx141 Privatejfx141 1 January 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Years Day everyone! Now the wiki has reached it's fourth year for giving info to the community about the game and some historical info.

Here are some past news:

  • The wiki had hit 500 pages on December 21st with World War II being that page, along with the Wargame Wiki reaching 200 pages!
  • The new "wikiportal" layout has been introduced and has replaced the main page layout.
  • New styles are added to the infoboxes so they will collapse any unused information.

Currently, I am thinking about promoting the R.U.S.E. Wiki on Expect to see in the next several days a new blog post about which picture should represent our wiki.

On other news from Eugen Systems, the Wargame Cup, which is a Wargame: European Escalation tournament to probably promote Wargame: AirLand Battle, has reached Round 4, with less than 250 players left! The round will last from 26th December till 6th January 2013.

Here is the Wargame forum link:

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 25 December 2012

Seventeenth Poll

We're ending the poll now since we have almost 100 votes and it seems the new main page went be up just yet. This poll asked the question: "What aspect of a strategy game would you want next?" and was answered by a total of 94 people. Thank you for voting!

-Control Airborne landings and Naval Landings----- Won by 4 at a total of 32votes, and my personal voted one.

-Grand Strategy----- 5 Votes

-Buying units for use in campaign, battle and operations modes (such as in Wargame: European Escalation)

-Capturing enemy units-----5

-5 minutes to plan and produce units before the beginning of a battle or multiplayer match----- 2

-Ability to have your artillery unit attack a land area, not just enemy units----- 14

-Units that can heal allies in combat----- 2

-Expanded supply system----- 4

-At least minor naval units (I.e. Landing Craft, LSTs, PT Boats, Large Rafts, etc.)----- beat at 28, just shy of winning by 4 votes

-Special Operations Units (not just elite such as paratroopers)----- 2

Thank you all for v…

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Privatejfx141 Privatejfx141 13 December 2012

New Main Page Layout

Alright guys, time to introduce you the new main page layout for the R.U.S.E. wiki! This layout adds "portals" on the main page, making it look to me much neater and more up-to-date to most wikis. The layout will be implemented sometime during Christmas.

Here is the preview of the left column section of the main page:

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Privatejfx141 Privatejfx141 6 November 2012

Sixteenth Poll

Hey there, this is Privatejfx141, your bureaucratic admin. Apologies for not having any recent news in a month since we, the admins, are busy with life and stuff like that. So, here are some "bad news" I need to inform you. As some of you guys probably know, Ubisoft has recently closed the R.U.S.E. official site, redirecting it to just the game information page. If you check on Eugen's Official website, it stated that Eugen is currently developing two strategy games for next year, one of which we know is Wargame: AirLand Battle. With Ubisoft shutting down the R.U.S.E. official site, the only conclusion I can draw to is: it is unlikely for there to be a R.U.S.E. 2 coming out next year, but that doesn't mean there isn't going to be R.U.S.E. sequel. There had been some rumors in the forums that there is a sequel to R.U.S.E. in its very early stages. Who knows? Maybe the sequel will be published under a different company instead of Ubisoft.

On some other upcoming events, about a week from …

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Privatejfx141 Privatejfx141 14 September 2012

Images on this Wiki

Hey there, this is Privatejfx141, your bureaucratic admin. I noticed there are some problems concerning the images that are uploaded to this wiki. Here are some that I laid out:

  • Real life images: These are images taken place in either World War 2 or a museum, and I'm afraid that in the near future, we are going to have a bit too much of them in some units articles. Just remember, this is a gaming wiki about R.U.S.E. not a wiki about World War 2 in general, we can't have too much real life images since we have not that much in-game images from R.U.S.E. I would like to limit each unit article to having 3 real life images. I have also categorized some images in the Category:Real World images. Just don't turn the units articles into galleries. D:
  • Duplicate unit icons: Yes... I have seen them alot, one on a unit article and another on someone's user page. Duplicate unit icons will be deleted, so if you want to post an image on an article or your user page, please try to find the image that al…
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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 4 September 2012

All people visiting or using this wiki, please read this immedietly

Lately, I've been checking the activity logs of our wiki's users and have noticed something. Many users log in, but never do anything from what it seems. I would like to compile a list of all users who currently even get on this wiki for using it or just reading its pages for future use. Please enter your username in the comments below along with how you use this wiki. Thank you for your time reading this.

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 4 September 2012

Fifteenth Poll

Here are the results to our question "What New Features do you want in the next RUSE?"

More Aircraft-3

More Soldiers-3

More Recon-1

More Tanks-3

More Ant-Aircraft-0 (poor AA; I'll laugh if its the most expanded thing in a possible sequel)

More Anti-Tank-1

More Experimental-3

More Artillery-2

Naval Forces-31 and the winner. I'm pretty sure that the other staff here are as unsurprised as I am.

New ways to gain supplies-3

More Defensive Fortifications-2

More Cosmetic damage to units-1

Larger Maps-1

Larger Campaign-1

With the, very unsurprising, win by the Naval Forces choice, we'll continue to offer more polls based on those. Have a good day and please, remember to read ALL news articles on this wiki, we'll have some very important ones here soon.

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 23 August 2012

Fourteenth Poll

Here are the results for the question: "What faction do you want the next RUSE singleplayer campaign to focus on"

United States (Continuation of the first RUSE campaign)- 7

United States- 3

Germany and the USSR tie for the win at 57!

France- 6

United Kingdom-8

Italy- 8

Japan- 12

Out of a total of 158 votes, both the Germany and the USSR both tie for the win! Hopefully they make a loooong campaign out of one of thoses, afterall, not even all the non-winning factions added up could add to Germany's or the USSR's. Have fun reading this and please vote again!

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Privatejfx141 Privatejfx141 10 August 2012

Major improvements for the wiki

Hey guys this is Privatejfx141, your bureaucratic admin. I would like address everyone that since the R.U.S.E. Wiki has been on for about three years, it still seems to be well... incomplete. Here's is my opinion about what we should do to improve it:

  • Finish the missions articles
  • Fix up the achievements articles and their infoboxes (they haven't been touched in a long time)
  • Finish the map articles and fix up their infoboxes (again, haven't been touched in a long time)
  • Add quotes from in-game to the units article
  • Add a picture gallery to each unit article
  • Improve the navbox templates (I seriously suck at templates)
  • Fix up the categories (delete the categories Heavy Tank, Medium Tank, and Light Tanks, as we already have Heavy Tanks, Medium Tanks, and Light Tanks)
  • Fix up the characters articles
  • Discuss in the wiki forums about what time do we go online and play R.U.S.E. (the forum also hasn't been touched since the wiki was created)
  • Created separate templates for the main page
  • Add a cut content sectio…
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Privatejfx141 Privatejfx141 9 July 2012

Need help on another Eugen's RTS game wiki

Hey, this is Privatejfx141, your bureaucratic admin. I need some help on the Wargame: European Escalation wiki, which the game is abit like RUSE and is about a 3rd World War between the NATO and Warsaw Pact and it is set in Europe during the Cold War in the years 1975-1985. The game was developed by of course, Eugen Systems and published by Focus Home Interactive.

The wiki haven't had alot of contributions since late Feburary of this year, and the wiki had been vandalized twice in just a week. So I'm just asking if anyone could help out, that would be great.

Link to the wiki:

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Privatejfx141 Privatejfx141 4 July 2012

Thirteenth Poll

Hello, this is Privatejfx141, your bureaucratic admin. I'm temporarily in charge of the wiki and the polls until next month because GhOsterider444 is on a vacation in the US Northwest (and there is not that much internet there), so he wont be back until the 25th of July.

So here are the results for our question "How often do you use this wiki?":

Everyday - 23

Every other day - 12

Once a week - 4

Several times a month - 9

Once a month - 5

Almost never - 4

This is my first time - 25 (Wow this wiki actually has abit more newcomers than everyday users)

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 12 May 2012

Twelth Poll

Here are the results for our question "Who would you want to develop the next R.U.S.E game?"

Ubisoft and Eugen Systems- 83 and by far, won with no votes getting even close to it!


EA- 1

Sledgehammer- 0

343 Industries- 1


Insomniac- 0

Guerilla Games- 0

Keep up the voting!

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 15 April 2012

Please Read This

Today, I have added the categories "Armies" and "Italy" to awards, so if you make an edit on those, you can earn points at different intervals (1 edit, 5 edits, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 edits, so on...), so we can both earn more points, and more importantly, get more edits on those pages so they can be updated more since they have been largely left untouched.

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 4 April 2012

Eleventh Poll

Here are the results for the eleventh poll's question "What is your favorite campaign region?"

North Africa- 8

Italy- 19, and the winner of our poll

Normandy- 5

Holland- 3

Belgium- 4

Germany (Secret weapons and Trogau area)- 4 people

Germany (Last 2 missions featuring the Nuclear Long Tom)- 12 people

Thank you for voting, and remember, once we get to around 50 -55 votes, the voting session is over, so vote and if you don't have a chance to, comment and we might add your vote!

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 4 March 2012

Tenth Poll

Here are the poll results for the question "Do you want a R.U.S.E. sequel?"

Yes- 60 and thankfully won

Half and half- none

No- only 1

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 19 February 2012

Ninth Poll

Here are the results from our latest poll, asking the question "What do you think of the poll?"

I Love it- 29 Votes and won

Its ok- 7 Votes

Half and Half- 1 vote

Dislike- 1 Vote

Hate it- 1 Vote

Well, least most of you like it, but let me ask you this, why, if you don't like the poll, did you vote anyways? Well have fun pondering that thought, and have fun with our new poll.

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 27 January 2012

Eighth Polls

Due to an under-abundance of votes, I'm ending this poll early, here are our results for the poll "What is your favorite unit type?"

Fortifications- 2

Troops- 3

Recon- 1

Artillery- 5

Anti-aircraft- 1

Armoured- 11

Anti-tank- 4

Fighter- 1

Fighter-Bomber- 6

Bomber- 2

Air Recon- 0

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 13 January 2012

Seventh Poll

From now on, polls will be done on blogs due to issues with the main page due to issues but will hopefully be fixed soon, we're sorry for the inconvenience. The question for this week is: what is your favorite Battle/Multiplayer map?

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 13 January 2012

Sixth Poll Results

Here are our 6th poll results December 28th to January 12th, and the max poll time will now be either 7 days or 45 votes, whichever comes first but remember: if you didn't get to vote, vote in the comments and I'll update the list!

SDKFZ 222- 0

Grenadier- 0

Sturmgrenadier- 0

Kubelwagen- 0

Panzer III- 0

Panzer IV- 4

Panther- 2

Tiger- 8

King Tiger

Machine Gun Nest- 0

Siegfried Blockhaus- 0

Flak 20mm- 1

Haubitze 75mm- 0

Haubitze 150mm- 0

Flak 88mm- 2

StuG- 0

Sturmtiger- 0

Pak 36- 0

Pak 40- 0

Marder- 1

Jagdpanther- 2

Storch- 1

Fallschirmjager- 3

JU-52- 1

ME-109- 0

ME-262- 3

JU-87- 1

HE-111- 0

AR-234- 5

Puma- 1

Wirbelwind- 1

Morser- 1

Wurfrahmen- 0

Maus- winner at 12 votes! Congratulations

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Deagle105 Deagle105 10 January 2012

Just discovered this site

And I must say wow, howcome I never got to known that this site exists?

Anyways I think somewhere here should be a link mentioend to,, and

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 28 December 2011

Fifth poll results

Well, here are our knew results from the latter half of December!

U.S.A- 7

Germany- won with 18 votes!

U.K.- tied with Japan for the least for 4 votes...poor U.K.

Italy- 5

France- 6

Japan- tied with the UK for the least for 4 votes

U.S.S.R.- second place with 17 votes

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone on the wiki a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy new year from the admins. We all hope you have a Merry Christmas and got what you wanted for christmas and hopefully some people got R.U.S.E for Christmas or Hanukkah so we can see some new faces online!!!

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 15 December 2011

Fourth Poll results

Hey there, should have told everyone this but i will only stop a poll once it has 50 votes or been up for a month, but here are our results for the poll "What units would be coolest in a possible Pacific Theater Sequel?"

Tanks- 1

APC- 2

Artillery, soft skinned- 0

Armoured Artillery- 2

AA Guns- 1

Marines- 6

Infantry- 1

Recon Vehicles, Ground- 0

Transport trucks- 0

Fighters- 1

Fighter Bombers- 0

Torpedo Bombers- 3

Light Bombers- 0

Flamethrower Troops- 1

Battleships- 6

Destroyers- 1

Frigates- 0

Aircraft Carriers- Not surprisingly, won with 25 votes

Escort Carriers- 0

Submarines- 2

Cruisers- 1

Light cruisers- 0

Heavy Cruisers- 1

Battle-cruisers- 0

Transport ships- 1

Supply ships- 2

Well, that was fun, remember: if you didn't vote, just say your vote in the comments!

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 23 November 2011

Third Week, or rather 2 month, results

Sorry bout the long wait, but i haven't been on in awhile, here are our new results for the question "What island campaign would you want a possible Pacific Theater to appear most":

Guadalcanal- 8

Borneo- tied at 0

Midway- 5

Aleutians- tied at 0

Coral Sea- 2

Phillipines- 6

Java- 1

Truk Island- tied at 0

Wake Island- 3

Saipan- 2

Iwo Jima- The Winner at 23 total votes

Guam- 1

Pearl Harbor- 3

Tarawa- 5

Okinawa- second at 15

Marianas- 1

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 22 October 2011

Second Week Poll Results

The second week's poll results are in! They are part of the following dates: Oct. 15-21. Here are the results for the question "What Era do you want any possible Sequel to appear in?":

World War II-Pacific Theater 25 Votes

World War II-Soviet Theater 9 Votes

Korean War 1 Vote

Vietnam War 4 Votes

Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm 3 Votes

Operation Iraqi Freedom 3 Votes

Operation Enduring Freedom 1 Vote

World War I 3 Votes

American Civil War 1 Vote

Cold War (Basically Wargames: European Escalation) 7 Votes

So World War II-Pacific Theater won with 25 Votes and American Civil War and Korean War both tied with 1 vote. Have fun with the next! By the Way, for awhile, I might tie in poll questions with the most voted for previously question.

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 14 October 2011

First Week Polls

According to our first week polls (Oct. 10-14) on the question: What is your favorite tactic?

Blitzkrieg- 4 people, third place

Turtle (Defensive)- 10 people, and the WINNER!

Harrassment- 7 people, second place

Spamming- 1 person, last place

Creeping barrage- 2 people, tied in fourth place

Other- 2 people, tied in fourth place

I'm kind of ending this about 20 hours early since a new poll is what some people probably want. If you didn't get the chance to say what you want, just comment below. New poll starts around 1-1:30AM

Due to the size of this poll, it may last longer, but I am unsure of this.

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 10 October 2011

All RUSE users must see this!

Yes, this page may seem worthless but I must address quite a few things in a manner everyone will see. The first is with the addition of the blue bar at the top of the pages. Yes, this is very new. It was added to make navigation easier, and no, if you don't like it, I'm not taking it down. Also, added quite awhile ago, is the comments box at the bottom of EVERY page, so talk, talk TALK! Another feature that know uses is the new chat, so talk if you want. Another thing i must address, and I'm begging you to do this, make a profile if you don't have one, it helps a lot better with managing things, believe me. Lastly, all vandals will be banned until December 31st, 9999. no exceptions, this is a zero tolerance wiki. If you want back on, however, TOO BAD! So please, comment below, your feedback is vital!

Also, added October 8th, is the poll. This is for fun and will change every Friday unless I forget. This weeks is "what era would you like to see a possible sequel in?"

New information: If…

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GhOsterider444 GhOsterider444 25 July 2011

New Help on similar to RUSE upcoming video game

Hey, this is GhOsterider 444, your admin, i need help on a wiki for Wargame: European Escalation, a similar Ubisoft game coming out later in the year, the website is called

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JoePlay JoePlay 11 January 2011

Chimera Pack DLC available soon

In a Twitter post, Ubisoft revealed that new DLC, named Chimera Pack, will be released "in a few days." No details were given, but should be forthcoming very soon.

Source: Ubisoft Twitter account

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IDave Ja Vu IDave Ja Vu 12 September 2010

PS3 Move!

As you know, R.U.S.E. will be among the first games to support the new Move controller on the PS3. A few gaming sites have been experimenting the demo with motion controls, here are some of their impressions:

[1] “Real-time strategy games have always suffered on consoles, and even though Move support was added to this game late in the development process, it's a great way to play. After an hour of learning the controls and mechanics, I leaned back in my recliner, re-calibrated with the new position, and played for a very long evening, scowling as I thought my way through tactical decisions. Every now and then there was a slight twitch as units didn't go exactly where I would like them to go, but overall it felt wonderful; the controller disappears in your hand instead of being an impediment to play.”

[2] “R.U.S.E. is Ubisoft's upcoming World War II-based real-time strategy game, and one of the few games we had that was designed to use the Navigation Controller -- in this case, for screen …

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IDave Ja Vu IDave Ja Vu 5 September 2010

RUSE new experience website

With the release of R.U.S.E. closer than ever, would you like to experience the game in a dramatically new fashion? Take up the challenge on the brand new R.U.S.E. experience website. It takes you on the front to wander around three breathtaking 3D battle scenes.

Put into practice your sense of observation and demonstrate your cunning skills to foil your enemies plans.

Check it out here

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IDave Ja Vu IDave Ja Vu 25 August 2010

Demo Now Available!

Full article from Ruse website

"The R.U.S.E. demo is now available on PC, which you can download on Steam. The demo features a full mission in which you play a role in the Allied offensive in Italy, aimed at cutting off a German offensive from withdrawing by attacking them from behind. However, high command suddenly realizes that the Germans, aided by the remaining loyal Italian units, are much stronger than they had previously been led to believe. You will lead the US army fighting against Germany and Italy, and must combine deceptive strategies and eventually resort to nuclear strikes to achieve victory!

Console players: it’s just a matter of days before the same demo releases on XBOX LIVE and PlayStation Network!

R.U.S.E. launches on PC, XBOX 360 and PS3 on September 7thNA and the 10thUK."

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Wagnike2 Wagnike2 16 August 2010

RUSE gets rid of DRM from Ubisoft

The developers of R.U.S.E. have announced that they have gotten rid of the Ubisoft DRM. The game will instead use Steam, which means that players won't have to be logged on to the internet to get going with the single player campaign.

Original article: PC News.

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IDave Ja Vu IDave Ja Vu 16 August 2010

IGN Preview

Seems like IGN have come through and brought us a Preview. They got a chance to play the R.U.S.E. Beta using a snazzy touch screen and from what the reported its seems like it's going to be hit with all Real time strategists everywhere. Here is the preview IGN R.U.S.E. preview

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