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Medjez is a 1 vs all operation exclusive to the Chimera Pack. In this operation, the player starts off with Ju-87G dive bombers, an upgraded variant of the JU87.


The Afrika Korps' remnants, surrounded in Northern Tunisia, desperately attempt to hold the Medjez salient long enough to allow the evacuation of enough supplies to Sicily in order to reorganize a new army there.

Intelligence report

Herr General, the British First Army, made up of British and French troops, are gathering on both our flanks to crush the salient once and for all. The last veterans of the Luftwaffe will grant us whatever support they can, but they've got no replacement left in case they were shot down, and we have no time to set up field defenses. The Allies will send us everything they've got to take control of the road to Tunis. Our goal is neither to hold forever, nor to destroy our enemies, but to collect enough supplies to be evacuated to Sicily.


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