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A 105 mm mounted on a M15 chassis gave way to the Semovente 105/25, an excellent Italian assault gun of the already great M75. It seemed to be one of the lightest and most mobile assault guns in the game, which meant it could deal damage and retreat, following Italy's guerrilla tactics.

The Semovente 105/25 tank destroyers were developed by marrying 105-millimeter guns with M15/42 tank chassis. They entered production on April 2, 1943, and 30 of them were delivered to the Italian Army before the Sep 1943 surrender; after which time, a number of them were captured by the German forces and pressed into service under the designation Sturmgeschütz M43 mit 105/25 853(i). Under German supervision, Italian factories built an additional 60 examples for the German military.


During 1942, the Italian Army considered mounting the 10.5 cm gun on the chassis of a P40 medium tank. However, delays with the P40 forced designers in a new direction and an alternate chassis based on the M15/42 was developed. Due to the size of the 10.5cm gun, the chassis had to be widened to accommodate the proposed armament. This chassis become known as M43 and by the beginning of 1943, the first order had been placed.

By the end of 1943, a number of Semovente 105/25 were in service in the German Army. They saw action with the 336  Infanterie Division and the 26 Panzer Division and a year later 66 were in service with Army Groups C and F in Italy and the Balkans.

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