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Colonel Leduc is the French commander in North Africa, Italy, and of the optional French 1st Army in the last two missions.


North Africa

Leduc is first seen as second in command of the Free French forces in Africa. He helps distract the Italian Ariete division while Joseph Sheridan desperately holds Kasserine. Once this endeavor pays off, the Free French forces prepare for a combined strike against the last German position. On Wetherby's orders, they attack the remaining Italians through a canyon.

Heavy casualties are sustained, and Leduc is made commander after the preceding commander is killed. He radios the also promoted Sheridan and he helps Leduc take out the Italians. His forces heavily depleted, Leduc holds the rear while the British and Americans push the 21st Panzer division out of Africa.


In Italy, Leduc is ordered again by Wetherby to attack the German rear lines. Like Sheridan, he also finds Italian militia. His forces take heavy casualties, but provide a distraction while Joe turns the tide against the Italians. Once Sheridan begins a counter-attack against the Italians, Leduc sends a light force of French Troops to assist him. Together, the two forces close on and destroy the Italian HQ.

The tables turned, Leduc joins the British and Americans again, this time closing in on Monte Cassino. Most of his heavy equipment destroyed, Leduc leads French Infantry through the mountains with the aid of American bombers from the now General Sheridan. His men manage to break through the German lines and capture an airfield, helping achieve allied air superiority.

France and afterwards

He is not seen during the liberation of France, nor during Operation Market Garden or the Belgian Campaign. During the battle against the Russians, it is possible for the player to call on Leduc's army to fight. During the final Allied operation, Leduc and his men, with aid from the German transition army, to hold the airport open for the experimental nuclear Long Tom. They sustain a Russian airborne assault, but hold the line before escorting the Long Tom to the front lines.


  • Although his army makes several appearances, he himself is never seen in-person.