Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel
Faction Icon USA United States
Class Naval unit

The LCVP, commonly know as the landing craft, is a static object found just off-shore in both the Italian and Normandy campaigns. As it is also a naval unit, it is unavailable to use and therefore is useless in-game.

However, it may be a unit. When nearing it, it'll show the green triangle meaning they're allies, but they are useless in-game. Just a piece of decoration.


  • It is not even necessarily a "unit" in that context, as it cannot be used by anyone, is entirely static, has no health bar and cannot be damaged in any way.
  • When it appears units are exiting an LCVP, they are really spawning on the shore just outside of the gate of the craft, further proving it is not really even a "unit."

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