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My god, it's a massacre! The losses we're taking...
- Andrew Campbell

Hide And Seek is the seventh mission in R.U.S.E.


After securing the rear areas, news from the front are bad. The amphibious landing under Gen. Wetherby is rapidly going from bad to worse, and allied losses are mounting. Rather than sit back, Sheridan decides to seize the initiative and improvise without waiting for orders. Using a small force, he decides to go in for the kill and knock out the Italian Guarda Nazionale, while also securing a staging area for the attack on the Barbara Line.

Order of battle

Allies Axis
USA 45th Infantry Div. CCA Sheridan Italy Guarda Nazionale
  • Ciclisti Venezia Giulia
  • Gruppo Montebello
  • 115a Bat. d'assalto
  • 24a Bat. d'assalto
  • Quartier generale
  • Bat. d'assalto Pontida
  • Gruppo Cor. Leonessa
France 2e Div. d'Infanterie Div. Fanteria Littorio
3e Div. d'Infanterie Germany 1. Fallschirm-Panzer-Div.
56th Infantry Div. 15. Panzergrenadier-Div.
7th Armoured Div. 26. Panzer-Div.
Task Force Wetherby 94. Infanterie-Div.

Mission Overview

Main Objectives

  • Capture the Supply Depot: +250 Points
  • Activate Radio Silence Ruse: +50 Points
  • Neutralize the Italian Outpost: +750 Points

Bonus Objectives

  • Preserve your M3 Lee Tanks: +200 Points