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The headquarters is where you start during a military operation, and is the only building you will receive free-of-charge. During the game, it will produce $1 worth of resources every 4 seconds, providing a meager but steady supply of funds for you to purchase buildings and units. Engineer trucks will depart from your HQ, and supply convoys will take the shortest possible road to deliver supplies. The headquarters is also the single toughest building in the game, boasting over 4000 resistance; regardless, you should protect your HQ at all costs.

If your headquarters is destroyed or captured, and you have no secondary headquarters to fall back to, you will no longer be able to use any ruses or build any more buildings as you cannot field any engineers. In addition to this the enemy gains 140 points to their score if it is destroyed or captured by them. A threat to protect against is particularly that of capture by paratroopers. Stationing heavy defenses around your GHQ is necessary for its survival.

Strategies and Tactics

How to Capture/Destroy a HQ

  • If the enemy has yet to deploy a airfield, send a recon plane, fighter-bombers, and bombers to destroy the HQ and any AA guns that may be present. (Note: 3 of ANY heavy bomber are enough to destroy a HQ, while it takes 10 light bombers from any faction to destroy an HQ.)
  • If the HQ is under a Camouflage Net and if an unidentified unit is near where the HQ is, fire artillery at it. Most of the fire will go astray and hit buildings.
  • Decoy buildings and units, or even real ones, will draw away the enemy from their HQ.
  • Most factions (save Italy and France theirs is available at the start from a AA base), have a very long range heavy artillery gun in their prototype bases.
  • Most larger maps have routes for units to sneak around the map under radio silence to launch a surprise attack on the HQ.
  • Though it can be thwarted by early AA deployment, rushing parachute troops is a viable tactic.

How to Defend a HQ

  • Always have AA guns or AA fortifications nearby, but keep units under radio silence if the enemy pulls artillery into striking distance.
  • Have infantry stationed nearby to recapture your HQ.
  • Put out your own recon to prevent enemy recon from revealing your base.
  • Airfields and Artillery bases make most of the tools, so make sure to keep constant pressure on these production buildings.


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