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The Guards were both military and social elite of the British army. Equipped with the most modern (or at least, most recent) weapons and better paid than ordinary soldiers, Guards were keen to earn their privileged status in combat. Fielding much more firepower than their Regular Army counterparts, they could match any foreign heavy infantry by shock or fire. Unfortunately, also equipped with the PIAT rocket-launcher, their anti-tank capacity is no better than their light brethren.


The British Guards Division was formed in France in 1915 of battalions from the elite 'Guards' regiments of the Regular Army. It served on the Western Front for the duration of the First World War. The division's insignia was the 'All Seeing Eye'.

There was also a Guards Division in the Second World War which was formed on 12 June 1945 from the Guards Armoured Division which had undergone a reorganization.


  • These units are much like Rangers on US side, except for the decreased AT capacity.
  • These units, along with all soldiers, can be put into towns and woods, which will increase there attack and defense, along with the ability to give a surprise attack on the enemy.
  • No matter how many times the enemy goes near a forest or town, it will count as a surprise attack.
  • It is very dangerous for these units to be in the forest when a Tank with a flame thrower or fire hits... As result will set the trees on fire and add increase damage on the units it is best to move these units into a town or away from the fire.
  • These units also move twice as fast on roads where they are turned into transports trucks which, when attacked or attacking, must "exit" them which might add a delay in the offense.
  • Do not directly assault Anti-Personnel bunkers or tanks as these items are the Guards' main weakness.
  • When used near airborne troops these units we be favored to be shot at so be careful when using the 2 together. When used near friendly tanks these units will "support" them.
  • This unit is a bit mixed up since one of the soldiers has a bolt action rifle while another has a machine gun and they all have PIATs in the model. This doesn't change their attacks though.

Pros & Cons


Weapon Infantrynoicon.jpg Engineernoicon.jpg Buildingsnoicon.jpg Armor1yesicon.jpg Armor2yesicon.jpg Armor3yesicon.jpg Armor4yesicon.jpg Armor5yesicon.jpg Aircraftnoicon.jpg Rangeicon.jpg
563 94 47 38 23 15 150m
Weapon Infantryyesicon.jpg Engineernoicon.jpg Buildingsyesicon.jpg Armor1yesicon.jpg Armor2yesicon.jpg Armor3yesicon.jpg Armor4yesicon.jpg Armor5yesicon.jpg Aircraftnoicon.jpg Rangeicon.jpg
Heavy grenade
33 33 33 7 3 2 1 0 70m
Weapon Infantryyesicon.jpg Engineernoicon.jpg Buildingsnoicon.jpg Armor1noicon.jpg Armor2noicon.jpg Armor3noicon.jpg Armor4noicon.jpg Armor5noicon.jpg Aircraftnoicon.jpg Rangeicon.jpg
Heavy weapons
80 80 150m


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