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Gold for the Brave is a 1 vs 1 operation exclusive to the Pack of the Rising Sun DLC.

You have taken control of a defense force to protect the gold at Fort Knox. You only have access to infantry, anti-tank, and AA units. But reinforcements will arrive every 3 minutes. Your goal is to get a higher score than the enemy in 20 minutes.


USA and Japan didn't enter the war in 1941. But when Germany finally triumphs over Russia in early 1945, Japan lands troops in California without a declaration of war. Completely taken by surprise, the US Army collapses and falls back always more to the East... When the triumphant Japanese forces enter Kentucky, US high command orders the Federal Reserve's gold to be evacuated from Fort Knox, the only hope to keep fighting in the East...

Intelligence report

Sir, the Kentucky National Guard is the only unit able to outspeed the Japs to Fort Knox, but it is ill-equipped: no armor, not artillery support nor any air support! However, armored detachments from the 1st Armored Division are on their way to reinforce us as soon as possible. Be ready to receive reinforcements on a regular basis... The Japanese 12th Army which is heading our way is spearheaded by light units, but its main force will follow soon behind! You'll have to secure the gold reserve and hold it long enough for evacuation.


Main objectives

  • Get more points than your enemy in 20 minutes.

Bonus objectives

  • Destroy 10 tanks.
  • Destroy 25 tanks.
  • Destroy 75 tanks.
  • Capture first bank.
  • Capture second bank.


Beware that the enemy will use fighter-bombers and kamikazes.

Use your Calliope to take out infantry and the AA positions it will help you gain air superiority.

The airfield on your right is guarded by light tanks and Ha-Gos if you capture it you will get aircraft.



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