R.U.S.E. Wiki
Unit Description
RUSE Germany Storch.png
Unarmed air recon
Slow and unarmed, average recon plane.
RUSE Germany Fallschirmjager.png
Elite infantry
The best paratrooper infantry in the entire game; with excellent AT and anti-infantry capabilities, they are not to be trifled with.
RUSE Germany ME109.png
Me 109
Great fighter, fights early fighters with ease.
RUSE Germany ME262.png
Me 262
Jet fighter
Excellent fighter, extremely fast, enormous weaponry but expensive.
RUSE Germany JU87.png
Ju 87
Great AT capabilities, altough dogfight capabilities are below average, extremely vulnerable to AA defense.
RUSE Germany HE111.png
He 111
Light bomber
Below average AA defense, destroys industrial buildings with two runs, slow.
RUSE Germany AR234 Blitz.png
Ar 234 Blitz
Jet bomber
Nearly lacks AA defenses, great payload, extremely expensive but extremely fast.