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The German Transition Army is a force of released German Wehrmacht soldiers by the Allies in R.U.S.E. commanded by General Von Richter.

Storyline development

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Following Germany's formal surrender, many P.O.W.s were in custody of the Allies. Additionally, many rough German units are still operating, namely a set of fanatics holding a German research center located in the Soviet occupation zone, which is the target of American General Joseph Sheridan. Since U.S. troops can not enter the zone, his intelligence officer Andrew Campbell comes up with a idea to form a group of Germans to do the fighting for them. He frees Von Richter, previously captured in Belgium, who then takes command of German tanks, infantry, and artillery to capture the factory.

Soviet-Allied War

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Once this is accomplished, the depleted group (with secret German weapons) desperately holds off Soviet troops from the center until it can be blown up. The surviving German units retreat after this is accomplished. Following this, General Patton released many more German prisoners and their equipment and officially forms the German Transition Army. During General Sheridan's surprise attack on the 8th Guards Army, it is possible for him to select the Transition Army to fight. The Transition Army is also present in the final mission, using prototype German units to hold Sheridan's left flank from the Russians. Once peace prevails, it is presumed the Army was disbanded.

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