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RUSE gameplay

Units ordering to attack

The gameplay of R.U.S.E. consists of deploying units and giving them orders by clicking on them. This type of gameplay is often referred to as a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game. In order to create an in-depth strategy experience, Eugen Systems made a special effort to create a fluid game rhythm that allows the player to analyze, decide, and manipulate without the distractions inherent to RTS games. This is all done without losing game depth that is expected by the players.


One of the Ruses Terror

In order to successfully win a game, the player has to utilize Ruses.
These are tactical moves that allow the player to, for example, hide their troops, send false information or retrieve important information. Be warned though, information retrieved isn't always what you would expect!

They list of Ruses are;

It takes approximately 2 minutes to gain a Ruse card.

Units and Factions


You can play six different factions, such as the U.S.S.R.. All these factions have several units available.

Note: That there are more than 200 units and buildings with their own details to manage in the game.


The achievements and trophies in the game can be found here.

Strategies and Tactics

The nature of R.U.S.E. makes a myriad of strategies not only possible, but effective in the right circumstances. Aggressive tactics like Aerial bombardment, or defensive measures like Ambush maneuvers not only work, but can be crippling when applied properly. The knowledge of the weakness and strengths of your faction and your enemy's will be very important.

The game has clearly been designed as a sort of Chess Board, inviting you to try ever more dangerous or calculated risks to take down an opponent. Trees and towns provide strategic strong-points, while wide open spaces allow for maneuvers to flank or simply crush your enemy. The use of tanks to do these maneuvers is invaluable, but as usual it must be stressed that tanks alone cannot win most battles. You must take the strategic objectives that the campaign has taught you to; the trees, the wide spaces or bottle necks all provide excellent opportunities to create a kill zone for your enemy. RUSE truly is a game of who dares wins, but do not be fooled; plans come in handy and patience really is a virtue.

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