R.U.S.E. Wiki
RUSE Frontline.png
Players 2 (1 vs 1)
Map size Small
Location Luxembourg, Belgium
Environment Snowy

Frontline is a very small 2-player map.

Map Features

While Frontline is classified as a very small map, this is negated by how long and narrow the map is. The distance between both HQs is very large, and the paths between them are limited, making it very difficult to flank an enemy force. The only path through the center is covered on both sides by forests, making it treacherous for passing armor. Aircraft will also have trouble crossing the map due to the distance combined by the threat of concealed AA.

Each player can easily claim the supply depots on their respective sides of the map, although defending them against infantry and artillery will prove to be rather difficult. Control over the center area, as well as effective anti-aircraft cover will be crucial to defense.

A player who uses infantry effectively will be able to use the cover of forests to great effect, ambushing enemy units and maneuvering through them to reach enemy supply depots. However they would be very vulnerable to long range artillery and recon units. Defense will probably rely strongly on infantry and recon units for this reason. To a lesser extent, field defenses will also be useful.

Tips and Tactics

  • When playing as France, it is a good idea to build an AT base and an armour base. send an armoured recon (Panhard) and 10$ AT guns (AT 47mm) into the forrest in the middle of the map. This will limit the amount of space that your opponent can move armoured units through. This will give you time to reasearch and build Sau 40's.