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I thought the Italians were finished!... According to Wetherby's "brilliant plan" we're only facing Germans.
- Joseph Sheridan

From Bait To Prey... is the sixth mission of R.U.S.E. and the first of the Italian campaign.


Joseph Sheridan was ordered by General Wetherby to be bait so the Germans are less active around the beaches, allowing for Operation Deluge to easily proceed. Not long after, however, Sheridan discovers their are still Italian fascists around, armed by the German Army.

Order of battle

Allies Axis
USA 45th Infantry Div. CCA Sheridan Italy Guarda Nazionale (It)
  • Ciclisti Roma
  • Gruppo 9 Settembre
  • Gruppo Montebello
  • Gruppo San Giusto
  • Gruppo Speciale Trieste
  • Legione Tagliamento
  • Quartier generale
Task Force Wetherby Germany 1. Fallschirm-Panzer-Div.
France 2e Div. d'infanterie 15. Panzergrenadier-Div. 115. Panzer
3e Div. d'infanterie 26. Panzer-Div.
UK 56th Infantry Div. 94. Infanterie-Div.
7th Armoured Div.
Task Force Wetherby

Mission Overview

Main Objectives

  • Deploy Supply Line: +50 Points
  • Set up an Infantry Base Camp: +50 Points
  • Deploy Recon: +50 Points
  • Recon east flank: +50 Points
  • Deploy 4 Infantry: +50 Points
  • Secure east flank: +50 Points
  • Lay an ambush in the eastern woods: +50 Points
  • Secure north flank: +50 Points
  • Ambush incoming tanks in Sparanise: +50 Points
  • Defend HQ: +500 Points
  • Repel the German attack: +50 Points

Bonus Objectives

  • Find and neutralize hidden infantry: +100 Points
  • Spy on the German threat: +100 Points


First, you will need to put GIs in the forests to the north, west, and east of you. The Italians will attack with infantry and tanks alike. After a few waves of Italian attacks, you will be instructed to destroy the attacking Panzers coming from the east. If you have placed even amounts of infantry on all of the forests leading to your positions, you should be able to repel them without moving your troops around. After that attack, however, you learn that the enemy commander had launched a Decoy Offensive. The real attack is coming from the west. After you repel the enemy, the mission ends.

Wargamer playthrough


  • This mission appears in the R.U.S.E. Demo.
  • In this mission and some of the mission after it, the British 7th Armoured Division still is using cruiser tanks, despite the fact that after the Africa Campaign, the standard cruiser tank, the A15 Crusader, had been retired in favor of the better performing Sherman's and Lee's. It also would have taken a year until the A27 Cromwell entered service.