Overview Edit

The single-player Operation "For Honour" features 5 different players.

Team One, The Allies




Team Two, The Japanese

-Player, Japanese with access to Pillbox, 105mm Anti-Tank, Anti-Air Position, And an airfield with access to all air units, however, you cannot build new unit producing facilities.

-Japanese Ally

The ally often builds a large amount of 105mm anti-tank positions near their HQs.

Objectives Edit

Main Objective-

Preserve at least One Allied HQ.

At the end of this objective, You will have a limited amount of time to attempt to achieve victory.

Strategy Edit

A good strategy is to build 2 more Zero's, one recon and 2 more Fighter-Bombers

Create 5 Elite Infantry and send them over the artillery base, secondary HQ and supply depots.

Capture all the buildings there, it shall give you a good amount of starting income.

Send the Zeros towards the airfield nearby, protected by the 5 enemy fighters. Secure the area and drop another elite infantry to capture the position.

Send the 2 bombers towards the US Forward position, bombing the Machine Gun Position and the Anti-Tank Position. Send the recon over head, revealing the Pershing tank. Send the Fighter-Bombers to take it out. Be mindful of Anti Air in the nearby forest. Drop enough Elite Infantry to capture the position. Use the Armour Base to send out tanks to aid your ally.

Work towards Capturing the Russian Forward base. This one is a lot more difficult to capture, so trial and error will suffice.

The Key to winning is Capturing the bases, keeping them secure, and sending the heaviest units to support your ally in the center of the map.