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Fake offensive is a decoy ruse in R.U.S.E..


This ruse allows the player to create decoy units to simulate a huge army. Decoy units are produced and then launched in this sector in order to simulate an attack. However, decoy units do not do any damage of their own. The decoy units will appear as decoy only to the player and his allies, and will appear real to the enemy.

An example of what appears to be a decoy offensive is displayed in the first trailer for R.U.S.E when one player sends over boatloads of semi-realistic figures simulating a real attack while his real force hangs in wait, and then attacks when the enemy is confident, and also exposed.

Decoy offenses come in the form of three separate ruses, each of which function identically, save for the type of unit it produces:

  • Fake Offensive: Deploys a battalion of whichever units you currently have available, both ground-based and aerial.
  • Fake Air Assault deploys a squadron of whatever aerial vehicles you currently have available.
  • Fake Tank Assault sends divisions of cardboard tanks to dupe your enemy. As with the other two, the Ruse makes use only of the tanks you currently have access to.

Decoy units can be commanded around the battlefield just as any other unit, they will be destroyed in one hit and the enemy will be notified that it was a dummy unit that has been destroyed, thus moving your decoy army around avoiding any enemy fire can sustain the illusion for a much greater period of time.

Strategies and tactics

  • One easy way to counter the enemy Fake Tank Assault (or the heavy units in the Fake Offensive) is to have long-range artillery. As a precaution, if a large amount of units - or if enemy units are strangely wandering off into the distance) - are produced, then firing at them could reveal if they are real or not. If the heavy unit is not destroyed in the first volley of fire, then it is a true heavy unit and should be dealt with accordingly.
  • Fake units cannot fire. If an enemy unit is in firing range and has clear sight to your units but can only "aim" and not fire, it mostly is a fake unit.

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