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Decoy Building is a decoy ruse in R.U.S.E..


This ruse creates a decoy building. When selected, the sector grid will come up, and the area where you deploy the decoy building will be highlighted, and a number of building 'shadows' will appear. The computer A.I. will send out an engineer truck to deploy the decoy building at one of the locations marked by these building 'shadows'; the initial choice of exact placement is random and outside the player's control, though the ghost can be moved just as the ghost of any other building thus changing the location of the decoy.

Once deployed, the building looks, for all intents and purposes, exactly like the building it was designed to mimic. To its owner, the building will merely appear to be assembled out of plywood. As soon as an enemy infantry unit tries to claim the base as its own, the decoy building will self-destruct and kill all units in a very small area.

Strategies and tactics

  • Decoy buildings are a good way to deal with a fighter rush, as your opponent tries to snipe your trucks sending out 1-2 decoy buildings to provide him with something useless to shoot at.
  • Decoy buildings are useful for making the enemy believe the player's base of operations is somewhere it isn't, or to make them think that the player is setting up a factory to assemble flanking units.
  • It is not smart to place one near enemy lines as they most likely won't fall for it. Place it on a flank.

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