M4 'Crocodile'
Prototype Flame Tank
RUSE Crocodile
Hell on caterpillar treads.
Faction Icon USA United States
Class Flamethrower Tank
Warmode 1945+
Cost $30
Research Cost $25 (Nuclear mode)
Factory Prototype Base
Artillery & AA Base (Nuclear mode)
Armor Armor 3 45mm (400)
Speed 35 km/h
Burn, hahaha!
- Crocodile commander when firing

The M4 'Crocodile' is a prototype tank which has had its 75mm cannon removed, and retrofitted with a short-ranged, yet devastating flamethrower weapon. It is one of the only two tanks in R.U.S.E. to undergo this upgrade procedure, other than it's Italian counterpart the Lanciafiamme. The flamethrower armament on the Crocodile is capable of burning down Forests while attacking enemy units, forcing them to forfeit the cover it affords them.

The flamethrower itself is very effective against infantry and buildings. Enemy tanks will also be likely to retreat if presented to the Crocodile. 


Only four Sherman tanks were converted by the British into the M4 Crocodile flamethrower tank, and for good reason. Despite its devastating effect on infantry and light vehicles, its primary weapon (namely, its flamethrower) was its greatest weakness as well as strongest advantage. Because of the nature of the weapon's ammunition, the M4 had to tow a relatively light-armored fuel trailer, which was connected to the main gun by a fuel line which was bolted to the outside of the tank carriage. In other words, the entire fuel assembly was exposed to enemy fire from more-or-less every direction.

In the modern era, flamethrower tanks are considered obsolete, having been replaced by advanced thermobaric rocket weapons like those mounted on the Russian rocket-artillery tank the TOS-1. On a note, the Soviets did deploy flamethrower, chemical warfare, and even remote-controlled tanks, the most practical being the OT-34, which had a flamethrower mounted instead of a coaxial gun on a normal T-34.

Pros & Cons Edit

+A somewhat fast and well armored Flamethrower unit.

+It is somewhat cheap and requires no further research, except for buying the prototype factory.

-Although it even says it is a Sherman with a flamethrower for a co-axel MG... it has no other weapons.


Weapon Infantryyesicon Engineernoicon Buildingsyesicon Armor1yesicon Armor2yesicon Armor3yesicon Armor4yesicon Armor5yesicon Aircraftnoicon Rangeicon
200 200 200 40 20 10 5 2 300m



  • The name "Crocodile" wasn't the name for Flame thrower M4 Shermans, and were commonly known as Ronson Tanks after the lighters of the same name. The actual tanks that were called Crocodiles were the Churchill British Tanks that were equipped Flame throwers. However, there were sherman crocodiles that were sherman fitted with the fuel tanks from the churchill crocodiles.
  • Strangely though, in Nuclear mode, the Crocodile is produced from an Artillery & Anti-air Base despite it not being/having an artillery gun nor an anti-air gun and be placed in the Armor Base.

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