"In the practical art of war, the best thing of all
is to take the enemy's country, whole and intact.
-- Sun Tzu; 'The Art of War' - Chapter III, Verse 1

A Capture is a specific order which can be given to in R.U.S.E. When a capture is ordered, rather than destroy an enemy building, the building is overrun by allied troops, which then assume control of the building, turning its control and allegiance over to you. However, only Infantry are equipped to capture buildings; heavier units will simply attack the building until nothing is left but rubble.

When a capture is ordered, your Infantry will make their way towards the Building indicated, provided enemy troops do not intercept them between when the order was issued and when the capture is complete. When a capture succeeds, one of the Infantry squads ordered to capture the building will be expended, as the troops have taken over the Building, and assumed the task of operating it.

Buildings particularly bad to lose are prototype and armor factories, as well as airfields. Build Machine-gun Position nests to protect these and patrol the area around these building with armed recon units. A strong Anti-Infantry defense is a must, lest you turn your back for a moment, and find your Unit Factories in the hands of your enemy!

Paratroopers are excellent at capturing buildings and this is a common tactic for the British, known as Para-rushing. The British are not required to research for Paratroopers so, paired the appropriate Ruse of Radio Silence, they can speedily and stealthily rush an unsuspecting enemy base, ending the game before the enemy has time to fortify. However, enemy fortification can defeat this type of attack, so use a spy ruse beforehand.

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