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Similar to France's Canon 75mm, the Cannone da 75/27 modello 06 is a light, low-profile artillery that is great when used in large numbers. Its small range and power makes it the most basic Italian artillery.


Around the turn of the century, when all major powers were in full swing modernizing their field artillery, hurriedly following the example of the revolutionary French "75", the Italian Army also followed suit. After trying, without success, to design a gun of their own (which resulted in a obsolete design with no recoil system) the Army instead decided to import a German gun, designed by Krupp.

The gun made pretty good service during the war. Its performance matched roughly that of the German FK 96 n.A.. The explosive load of the HE grenade was however deemed to be a bit too light. (During the war, this was in some measure remedied by Italy receiving large shipments of ammunition from England and France.) It was used primarily in the standard field artillery batteries, the horse artillery batteries using the 75mm Deport, which was also seen as the better gun of the two.

Tips and Tactics

  • Using these is a good way to help support an infantry advance.
  • Although they are identical in-game to France's Canon 75mm, they cost $5 more.


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