Camouflage net

Camouflage net is a concealing ruse in R.U.S.E..


The camouflage net hides all allied buildings within a sector. All allied buildings in that sector disappear from the enemy intelligence system. Units created by the player within the affected sector will remain hidden from the enemy detection system as long as they remain in the affected sector. This allows the player to create camouflaged factories/units behind enemy lines.

Buildings under the effect of camouflage net will be painted in camouflage colours, to represent that the camouflage has been deployed.

Note that, while a building is constructed in an area protected by camouflage net, the Engineer Truck deployed to build it will also be hidden from enemy detection. Vehicles carrying supplies will also be hidden from enemy intelligence while they're en-route to the nearest HQ. But even under the effects of the camouflage net, the orders of the engineers will be shown as they're given, showing the route they'll take to construct.

Strategies and tactics

  • A great way to use this is buy combining it with the decoy building to fool the enemy into think your base is somewhere else. (e.g. Put the camouflage net over your main base, then create a dummy base where you want your enemy to go to.) However, this ruse is not foolproof, and a good guess can ruin your good planning.
  • Another thing worthy of note is that while it does prevent artillery and bombers from targeting your buildings, if you fail to hide your units and they are next to the buildings, they can be targeted instead. This error in judgment on your part can lead to your entire base being reduced to rubble.

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