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Blitz is an aggressive ruse in R.U.S.E.. The effects of a Blitz can be used logistically, to speed up your supply trucks and acquire precious resources faster. A Blitz can also be used defensively, to speed the retreat of wounded units, or more quickly call back units in the field to defend your base. And it can, of course, be used offensively, to rush an enemy defense and catch up with wounded units to destroy them permanently. This Ruse also affects supply trucks and engineer trucks, helping to deliver the supplies faster and arrive to construction sites in less time.


Increases units' speed by 50% in the sector. Units under the effects of a sector's Blitz plan will be marked by a small, blue lightning-cloud which hovers above the affected units. However, this does not make them invincible. This effect stacks with the benefit some units gain from traveling by road.


Blitz known (German for "lightning") is a strategy to concentrate a massive force and to deal a high speed attack onto the enemy force. The first units (or country) to employ such a tactic was Germany. The idea was to overwhelm an enemy force with a combination of infantry, tanks, artillery and air power to deal a fast punch through enemy forces and to provoke a terror and disorganization among them. The display of the Blitzkrieg was first seen in Poland in 1939 and then in 1940 in France also in earlier phases of Barbarossa in 1941-1942. The last seen blitzkrieg was seen in the Ardennes Offensive. Now there is a difference between Blitzkrieg and the Blitz, the Blitz is the period when the Luftwaffe was bombing the region of London while the Blitzkrieg was in Poland,France and early phases of Unternehmen Barbarossa.The battle of Britain was not a blitz only raids on London were.

For a successful blitz the nation using this tactic needs an air force that is intact and a mass concentration of armored divisions to punch through. The idea for the blitzkrieg is to fight it in wide open areas permitting the the armoured forces to move at ease and for the air force to pick off targets.

The armoured blitzkrieg was developed by Heinz Guderian in order to overcome the Maginot line in the year of 1940. the idea for it was to be fast enough to go by enemy forces and to deal major blows to reserve units once behind the lines. it is to keep the enemy off balance long enough for allied troops to reach the armoured forces and clean the rest. the doctrine applies to modern tank warfare.

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