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Bir Hakeim is a 1 vs all operation exclusive to Chimera Pack.


Taken by surprise by general Rommel's offensive, the British Eighth Army's divisions are crushed on after another and nothing seems to be able to stop the German-Italian march on Egypt. Soon, the small Free French brigade, entrenched in the Bir Hakeim position, stands alone between Rommel and the retreating British Army...

Intelligence report

Mon général, the Panzerarmee Afrika has taken position in front of our entrenched camp. The Italians rely on many tanks, while the Germans field mostly infantry... initially at least, for the 15. Panzer and the Luftwaffe are on their way to reinforce them. As for us, except for some mobile mechanized columns already deployed, we can only rely on infantry, light infantry tanks and light field defences. Fortunately, we may also count on the Free French Air Force's support, whom have settled a small airfield in the desert nearby. Buy this airfield can only accommodate fighters and figher-bombers.

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